Being civil servant and doing deed for citizen is all Sanpei Momokuri (18) dreamt about. But, when he accepted in Sakaue city’s Special Maneuver Division, he faces reality: there’s nothing to do. It’s a very boring way of work. He’s a man with hot blood; therefore he needs to work on something. One day he helps a boy finding his turtle. kamoshikaThat action inspires the Meyer so he changes the Special Maneuver Division into Kamoshika Division. Isn’t it weird name? Yeah, the Meyer is an eccentric one, too. This division would provide service to all citizens in any kinds, including catching crows, getting letter from locked house, moving big trees and any weird job that none would do. This is what Sanpei looking for, because this way he can preserve people’s smile.

The character of Sanpei reminds me of Kunimitsu who also has strong will. This is the kind of person we need in governmental offices: people who care about us and not about the money they get. What I like more about this manga is all the concrete actions Sanpei’s doing that can be example for any city. This is a very nice manga.
My Rating: chick327


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