Behind the Story

I know some people think all the art work is just a fantasy. But, they truly did some research before writing it. So I guess, we could conclude things from their work. Here are some ‘lessons’. Does it helpful?


4 thoughts on “Behind the Story

  1. hellow!!
    you are mikase hayashi?
    i’m so interest to read your comic!
    if you have anew comic, please… tell me about it!
    bubye… ^_^

  2. 🙂 Hello nda, thank you for coming.
    I’m not Mikase Hayashi, I just love the manga she wrote.
    I’ll inform you if Hayashi sensei produce new project, ok?

  3. Hey There sakuramochi!!

    I just wanted some advice from you because I swa you love mangas a lot like me!

    Can you tell me the BEST manga website so I can read “kimi wa girlfriend” …?

    because I’m having trouble finding it ><"

    sorry for bothering you!!

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