Over Rev

coverorIt’s rare to have heroine in race manga, but this is the one. After giving up her dream on Athletic for leg injury, Ryoko loses her goal. She’s going to be graduated soon and have a job, but life seems meaningless without anything she likes. To celebrate the graduation, Ryoko goes to mountain with her best friends. That night, she saw a young female with high skilled driving. The flash review awakens something inside her.
It must be a fate when her friend, Tohru takes her to driver spot where his brother hangs out. Ryoko meets the female driver there. Her name is Sawako. Sawako san teaches her how to drift and amazed by Ryoko’s talent. Ryoko can feel her heartbeat fast while driving in that 70 km/hour speed. Yes, Ryoko has found new passion! But, now she needs to get herself a license and a car…

The idea is not bad, though it could be better if the art was drew smoother. Well, it’s ok, I like the story and it’s nothing to do with emancipation. I like when people find their passion in life, they do their best for that.

You can go Wakaba Scan for downloading this manga.

My Rating: chick327


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