Watashi No Oujisama

watashi-no-oujisama-000-021Okawa Hakano used to live wealthy, but due to her father’s bankruptcy, now she has to lead as poor employee. Her only goal is to get a prince so she can live rich again. She sets her target to a new sales person, Sakurai, who’s also the son of a departmental store’s director. But, he’s not a very good employer. Compared with Hazuki, the other sales person, Sakurai doesn’t know how to deal with customer well. Hazuki may be a commoner, but he’s a reliable hard worker. Hazuki and Hakano used to play together when they were kid. She acts like princess and always treated him as her horse.

Hazuki is the only one who knows Hakano’s past and he’s using it to make her work harder. While actually he’s just playing that kid bullying the girl he likes. Will Hakano realize her true prince?

Please visit Lunachicas for downloading this manga.

My rating: chick327


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