Monochrome Factor

Everyone of us has two essence of being. One is our real body which you can see by naked eyes. The other one is our shadow, or they call it “Shin”. Shin world is way beyond ours. There live many creatures we never seen before.

Akira Nikaido is just an ordinary rebellious student. He likes to skip, running away from task and doesn’t really care about others. But, when he meets Kurogane, he has no other way than facing his destiny. Kurogane believes that Akira is the key to protect human real world from shin’s creature expansions. Kurogane was one of the leader in Shin World. He was betrayed by his colleagues and tries to find way to get the world back to normal.

according to, there’s finally a group scanlation who works for this one: potato land. But i’ve never try this. I hope it works, because this manga is great!

The anime version is already released too! Try veoh for high quality video

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