Midnight Secretary

Katozuki Kaya is an efficient secretary. Today, she’s been assigned to serve a director of tableware, Kyouhei Touma. He’s a handsome playboy. Her first job is to arrange all his affairs. He doesn’t like to give explanation and ask her to learn everything refers to the old records. He’s trying many things to make her feel bad. That’s because Kaya’s appearance is not as sexy as he wanted. She wears glasses, tied her hair neatly and dressing formally. But, she completely impress him.

Satozuki Kaya

She’s been annoyed by his way of work. He is an excellent director, but he likes to work at night. When he had to go out, he use umbrella. They say he has an allergic to sun ray. Even though he’s so busy, he always have time to make up with many women who stop by at the office everyday.

One day, Kaya stays in the office until late. Accidentally, she sees her employer making love with one woman. Hey, he’s not only doing that, he also bite her neck. Oh, My God!! The director is a vampire and he’s already killed her!!!!!

The group scanlation who scan this manga is aerandria

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