Shiawase Kissa SanChoume

Also known as Happy Café. This is a story about three young people. Uru Nakamura, 16 yr, is a new part timer at BonHeur (Happy Café). Her mother, whose just married to a young businessman, is a tough woman. She taught her to be able to depend on herself. That’s why Uru tends to keep everything for herself and not wanting to share with her friends.

Her colleagues are two cute guys. Satsuki Shindou (20 yr)the son of café’s owner, is a cold one.

He likes to use his hand in punishing the other employees. But, inside he’s a very warmth person. He loves making cake. His cakes are the key for this business successful.

The other worker is Ichirou Nishikawa.

His father is a doctor and his mother is a designer. He can fell asleep anywhere whenever he feels hungry.

The big story is about teaching Shindou how to be open with others. Along the way, Ichirou also become more calm ( he was the kind of man who had been teased for his good mark).

Since Uru came, things become different for those two and the cafe. She was the one who create their smiles. Everyone can predict that Uru soon will fall in love with Shindou, so vice versa. But, those stupid people are hardly recognize their feelings. It makes everyone around so crazy. he he he

well, I personally like Matsuzuki Kou sensei for her modesty. It is reflected in her work.




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3 thoughts on “Shiawase Kissa SanChoume

  1. thanks for the information…
    and did you know where i can read happy cafe online??
    if you know please tell me okay???
    thanks a lot…

  2. Hello:
    my name is Andrea,i´m from Argentine.
    I feel very good this manga foulbrood I agree with you said.

    thanks for the info, I wish him well nn

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