Live Action movie   : Akai Ito, Hanazakari no kimitachi e SP, Dive!!, Koukou debut, Hurricane Polymar
Live Action dorama: Akai ito, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, Seito Shokun!, Metantei Conan SP3  Metantei Conan live action dorama, Metantei Conan SP4, Shitsuren Chocolatier
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Mizobata Junpei is the actor who recently achieves popularity by portraying Atsushi, the protagonist in live action cell-phone novel, Akai Ito. He’s just a newbies but he already got that big role, amazing. It’s magical how he steps into stardom so fast. He started his showbiz when he won the 19th JUNON boy competition in 2006, since then he got offers from 40 different agencies, before deciding to go to Evergreen. FYI, no winning boys ever got such offer!!

Junpei was born on June 14, 1989 in Wakayama to a family of four including Parents and sister. He stands 175 cm tall and bears A blood type. He likes to play drum and soccer in his leasure time. He loves Natto and Salmon. 

His first role was in Seito Shokun, where he played student who distrust his teacher. After that, he got cute roles yet good guy. I didn’t pay so much attention to his minor role (though I was think he’s cute), but then he got this awesome role as Atsushi. He also play the main character in live action dorama (I guess), Hachi one Diver (81 Diver). His latest dorama is BOSS which broke into 20% rating show in Japan. But, I think his most notable role is Kudo Shinichi, in Meitantei Conan Liveaction dorama. Although lots compare his Shinichi to Shun’s, he manages to steal audiences’ hearts.

Junpei also designs his future well. He’d like to be a teacher when he retired from entertainment world someday. Whuaah!

I think I’ve watched too much Junpei playing a fool and silly characters so I find it hard to accept when he finally given cool guy roles (Shinichi Kudo, Komiyama Yoh).

He’s not beautiful yet so handsome like Yamapi or Masaki Okada. He’s also “only” 175 cm tall. He looks like your normal guy next door to me. But, he’s definitely has acting talent that he could switch from one character to another.


  • Tachibana Noboru Seishun Tebikae
  • Hatsukoi Geinin (2016) – Hashimoto Akira

G junpei9

  • Onna wa Sore wo Yurusanai (2014) – Takiguchi Taisuke


  • Tsumatachi no Shinkansen (2014, SP) – Shima Takashi

Tsumatachi no Shinkansen_junpei

  • Yuube no Curry, Ashita no Pan (2014) – Iwai Masaharu
  • Inochi Aru Kagiri Tataka e, Soshite Iki Nukunda (2014, SP) – Ito Masato
  • Oyaji no Senaka (2014, eps 5)

oyaji no senaka5

  • Leaders (2014, SP)


movielosophy-2013-12-24-10h26m27s174movielosophy-2014-01-16-12h32m32s97 movielosophy-2014-01-16-12h47m10s180 movielosophy-2014-01-16-12h57m33s4 movielosophy-2014-01-16-13h05m44s52





koisuru eve

  • Mitsu no Aji (2011) – Norisugi Yashushi

  • BOSS 2 (2011)-  Hanagata Ippei

  • Hontou ni atta kowai hanashi, Sakebu Haibyoin (Fuji TV, 2010)
  • Shinzanmono (TBS, 2010) – Matsumiya Yuhei

  • Hidamari no Basho ~Hatsukoi~ (BeeTV, 2010)

  • Yume no Misukekata Oshietaru 2 (Fuji TV, 2010.03.13, TV movie)
  • Buzzer Beat (Fuji TV, 2009) – Hatano Shuji

  • BOSS  (Fuji TV, 2009) – Hanagata Ippei
  • 81 Diver  (2008 ) – Sugata Kentarou
  • Akai Ito as Atsushi (Fuji TV, 2008 )atsushi


  • Hurricane Polymar (2017) – Yoroi Takeshi
  • Chinyuki (2016) – RyuSho

    taken from Chinyuki’s instagraminstagram
  • Boku wa bosan/I am Monk (2015) – Higaki Shinji
  • Ogon O Daite Tobe~Fly with gold (2012) – Haruki (Kitagawa’s younger brother)

Official Wallpaper
  • Kimi ga odoru, Natsu!  (2010) – Teramoto Shinpe

  • Neck  (2010) – Tomokaku



  • Haran Bakusho (2016) haran bakusho


  • Gree (2012)
  • FILA (2010)

  • Adidas Footwear (2010)
  • Ippei Chan Yaki Soba (2009)
  • Right On Clothing
  • Aoyama Clothes (2009)
  • Akai Ito x POCKY (2008)


  • Rookie of the Year~33rd Japan Academy Prize (2010, for Akai Ito)
  • 2nd Tokyo Drama Awards: Newcomer Award
  • 19th Junon Super Boy Contest “Grand Prize voltage”


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  1. he’s so coooL! and soo handsome, plus it really suits him to be serious cool popular and timid type of guy. ❤

  2. Even so, he also good at performing funny dorky characters. I think Junpei is very good actor.

  3. anyone know what his new activites in 2012?maybe a new drama?tell me.i want to see him in new drama.

    1. Of course we’re expecting Shinzanmono movie, Hongki san.
      Other dorama has not been published yet, but keep an eye!


      1. thankyou so much..i wanna post it to my blog too..of course with full credits from u 🙂 domo arigatou ne..
        btw,,he has an official blog?could u tell me if he has it..

          1. honestly i never update my blog >< but i'll try it..and i welcome u to my blog too 🙂 really thanks for your information..i ever visit that page..i dont understand so i close it again..

          2. I think the web is pretty up-to-date. There are banners of Junpei’s latest works.They should’ve make english version, too.

  4. really?i think they update the news..bcoz i cant read it so i’am not understand..yeah agree with u..they should make an english version 🙂 but i think that official site is used by the agency..he never write anything 😛

    1. That’s right. He might have ameba blog just like any other celebrity (but, haven’t found it yet ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ).
      Aaah, talking to u and watched “Kirin no Tsubasa” in my flight this morning makes me really miss Junpei.

      1. ahhh i wanna find his ameba blog too..if u found it please tell me..wanna see him at his real blog..ahh i havent watch that movie..cant found it..where i can found kirin no tsubasa movie?me too..miss him so much..can i follow ur twitt?wanna talking long with u 🙂

        1. I don’t think anyone uploaded it yet. I want to have it too. There are a lot snapshots of Junpei I want to take.
          Twitter? I’d be honored.

  5. thanks a lot i really found mizobata junpei a very talent young actor he is my favorite actor i never feel boring watching all his drama and movies and interviews he looks cute with his smiling face please upload more picture for him arigatoo junpei kun

    1. Thank you for passing by. Hoping for Ogon O Daite Tobe to be released soon so we can have more pictures of Junpei.

  6. kawaii i just can say he is simply beautiful ,talent,handsome,funny ,tragic at the same time he is my favorite actor junpei kun i love you
    thank you very much for the blog keep posting about him please

    1. you’re welcome, Mary. I’m expecting Ogon O Daite Tobe soon. Can hardly wait.

  7. Hmm

    I first saw him in conAn live action

    At first I think he s just like some actor handsome but acting s not Gd
    But slowly I get attracted by him as his acting s good

    I normally dnt like cool guy
    But I think I like him being cool as his eyes are so Attractive when he s cool
    ESP in high school debut
    I got attracted by this role yoh
    As he look vvv different from other roles
    And he has got a vvv healthy and sunshine boy look

    He remind me of takashi sorimachi when he s young
    I like beach boy and I think if they remake beach boy
    I hope to see junpei take up takashi role as he s vvv sunshine boy to me
    And he s the only guy who s cool that I like and I hope he can act more main roles drama n movie

  8. Junpei mizobata is a multi-talented actor!plus he is so handsome and confident in his every role that makes we fans go attracted for him.hats off to u junpei saan:)8-)

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