| Related Post: Sugarless (liveaction drama) Here in “Windmill” (that’s what they call Kushima High School), there are no elevator or escalator, if you’re aiming for the top you’ll have to climb up step by step using your own fists and legs. And this is where Shiiba Gaku goes. But he doesn’t come to learn,… Continue reading Sugarless

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

| Mangaka: Robico | Release: 2008 | Status: Complete (12 vol + 1 vol special) This is a story about a studious girl named Mizutani Shizuku and the boy who sits next to her. well, there’s supposed to be a guy right there, but since a bloody incident at their first day of school, he’s… Continue reading Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Saboten no Himitsu

| Mangaka: Haruta Nana | Release: 2004 | Status: complete (4 volumes) After two years keeping secret to Fujioka Kouhei, Miku is planning to confess her love. But, Kouhei doesn’t seem to get it. The confession is delayed due to Kouhei’s straight forward-too honest words. Miku is really disappointed, but the unrequited love is too deep… Continue reading Saboten no Himitsu