Handa kun

| Release: 2013
| Mangaka: Yoshino Satsuki
| Status: ongoing

Years ago, Handa-kun’s best friend, Kawaifuji lied to him by saying a girl is spreading bad rumours about him. Since then, Handa is afraid to deal with people. He puts thick wall around him avoiding people coming closer. The fact is far from his illusion. He’s popular because his face and his calligraphy talents. Girls try hard to talk to him, even pushes love letter to his locker, but all he think is that they’re hating him. Continue reading “Handa kun”



| Mangaka: Ayatsuji Yukito & Kiyohara Hiro (illustration)
| Release: 2010-2012
| Status: complete (5 volume)
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26 years ago, a special student died. But, the whole class refused to accept it so they pretend that the student was still alive. That’s the beginning of the whole horror. The class begins to carry special curse that everyone related will be dead. Unless they managed to find “dead” and sent it back to death, the serial death will continue. Continue reading “ANOTHER”


1924, Sauvile

Kujo Kazuya came to Marguriete Academy as foreign student. It’s a preatigious school where aristocrat decendats gathered from all over Europe. But, Kujo is only the 3rd son of imperial soldier in Japan, he hardly find a companion *Now, you talk about differencess*

Lonely but strong willed, Kujo decides to be independent. But, having no friend is a misery. Take today as example. Kujo was just going out for shopping when he encounter a dead body with its head cut.

Ok, he faints.

What else can you expect? Seeing a dead body is shocking enough, but he also sees the head separated from the body.

Kujo wakes up because of the noise his teacher made. Cecile sensei is the yankumi-kind of teacher. She’s quite histerical and it turns worse as Inspector Grevil de Blois shows in front of the infirmary door.

And you’d think he’s super confident, ha? With the hair like a drill, Grevil accuses Kujo as the murderer. Yup, we can assume that this police man is quite an idiot. He event has no warrant to catch Kujo. But, Grevil promised to stop by the next day.

Now, Kujo must proof his innocence. It may just a quick incindent when Ms. Cecile asks him to deliver worksheets from morning classes to a poor student who was absent. It’s said that she spends her day in the library.

Rumors have said many ugly things, but the creature Kujo faces is a beautiful girl who looks like a doll. Her name is Victorica.

Though she speaks in arrogancy, she’s well informed and have brilliant logics.

Can she helps Kujo clearing his name?

The manga seems so fast, compared with the anime. Yup, I finished watching the anime a while ago and I love it.

Friendship happens not only because you have something in common, but also when you have different qualities. 

Both Kujo and Victorica are lonely, yet they’re different in mental. Kujo is the kind who wants to proof himself but he’s just not that smart. Victorica, on the other hand, gave many things because she’s afraid of her own future’s prediction. Kujo walks with heart, while Victorica depends on her logic. They match each other.



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Fairy Tail

In the era where magic plays the main part of human kinds, magician works arranged by guild. Among those guilds, Fairy Tail is the most popular one. Not only because of their magician’s skills, but also by the damage they cause.

Lucy reads all about magnificent works of those Fairy Tail members in sorcerers weekly. She always want to be part of the team.

On a harbour team, she meets a fake salamander wizard. This guy uses love charm to captivate women. He would sell those victims if only Natsu didn’t show up. Natsu is the man who saved Lucy from the charm. He looks lame and can’t stand travelling with vehicles. Yet, his undependable appearance has covered his true strenght.
For years, Natsu has been trained by Igneel, the Dragon to master the ancient dragon slayer magic. That’s why fire doesn’t hurt him. He can change the quality of fire coming out from every part of his body.
Natsu takes Lucy to Fairy Tail. And this is where their journey begin.
This manga is available for download at i eat manga

It’s funny and smarter than Rave.

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