Arcana Famiglia

| Mangaka: RURU | Release: 2011 | Status: Complete (4 volumes) The manga tells story about an organization who protect Regallo island. Wrapped in black suits, they use mystical power called Arcana. Each Arcana holder possesses different power allowed them to beat evil easily. One day, the head of Arcana Famiglia (called "PAPA"), Mondo, decides to hold… Continue reading Arcana Famiglia


| Mangaka: Ayatsuji Yukito & Kiyohara Hiro (illustration) | Release: 2010-2012 | Status: complete (5 volume) | Related post: Another (anime), Another (live action) 26 years ago, a special student died. But, the whole class refused to accept it so they pretend that the student was still alive. That's the beginning of the whole horror.… Continue reading ANOTHER


1924, Sauvile Kujo Kazuya came to Marguriete Academy as foreign student. It's a preatigious school where aristocrat decendats gathered from all over Europe. But, Kujo is only the 3rd son of imperial soldier in Japan, he hardly find a companion *Now, you talk about differencess* Lonely but strong willed, Kujo decides to be independent. But,… Continue reading GOSICK

Fairy Tail

In the era where magic plays the main part of human kinds, magician works arranged by guild. Among those guilds, Fairy Tail is the most popular one. Not only because of their magician's skills, but also by the damage they cause. Lucy reads all about magnificent works of those Fairy Tail members in sorcerers weekly.… Continue reading Fairy Tail