Nietzsche Sensei – Konibini ni Satori Sedai no Shinjin Ga Maiorita

| Release: 2013 | Status: ongoing (4 volumes so far) | Mangaka : Matsu Koma (author) & Hashimoto (artist) Niitomo Haru is the new part-timer in convenient store (konbini) where rounin Matsukoma has been working for a year. He’s young, but there’s something different about him. His way of thinking resembles the phillosopher’s Friederich Nietzsche, thus… Continue reading Nietzsche Sensei – Konibini ni Satori Sedai no Shinjin Ga Maiorita

Amaama to Inazuma

| English: Sweetness and Lightning | Release: 2013 | Status: 4 volumes (ongoing) | Mangaka : Amagakure Gido It's been 6 months since Inuzuka sensei's wife passed away. He's trying his best to be the greatest father for the only daughter, Tsumugi. But, managing house while trying to be both father and mother is not… Continue reading Amaama to Inazuma

Usotsuki Paradox

| Published: 2009 | Mangaka: Sato Nanki | Kizuki Akira | Status: complete (10 volumes) Seiyuu has a long distance relationship, but keeping a close touch with her colleagues, Youkado. She invites him to take a walk, shopping and watching movies. Youkado can't help but falling for her. Lonely Seiyuu agrees to date him with… Continue reading Usotsuki Paradox

Black Bullet

| Release: 2012 | Mangaka: Kanzaki Shiden & Morino Hon | Status: ongoing In the year of 2021, mankind's life is ruined by Alien creature, Gastrea. It comes in form of virus, which infected human through blood and turns the person into monstrous appearance, Gastrea. Thus, the people who's authority to fight the gastrea is… Continue reading Black Bullet