” the way to get away with crime you commit,100% of the time, is to simply “accidentalize” it in the name of the police”

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Here in “Windmill” (that’s what they call Kushima High School), there are no elevator or escalator, if you’re aiming for the top you’ll have to climb up step by step using your own fists and legs. And this is where Shiiba Gaku goes. But he doesn’t come to learn, he comes to be the top. Despite of being over enthusiastic, he’s actually pretty weak and ends up being beaten by other guys. Will Shiiba ever get even any closer to the crown?

It’s a fight manga just like Crows Zero, Clover or Rokudenashi Blues. Despite of strong rough drawing, I love the plot. The comedy blends well in that masculine story, bringing each chara into their own complex.


vendetta (ch 1 is not available here)




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Bloody Monday II

It’s been 2 years since Falcon stopped the terrorist attack in Tokyo. But, the trauma still lies beneath. Fujimaru is working at a café now and never even touch computer. He blames himself for letting so many of his friends died. However, his service is needed now. A plane has been hijacked by two terrorists demanding the release of Hino Alexei, a leader terrorist who’s even more dangerous than Kamishima Simon’s cult. They put the plane into auto pilot and aim it to Tokyo. Can you imagine how many people would die because of that? Third-i thinks that it can be stopped if only they can hack into the system. The only one who can do it is Fujimaru. But, the legendary hacker claim to be dead. Is it true? Can Fujimaru just watch people dying?

The new series is released 6 months after 96 chapters of Bloody Monday. Thanks to many positive response, Bloody Monday is back to amaze us!
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Yay! I was hoping they would make the sequel for the dorama, too. I won’t be tired seeing my cute Haru-chan hacking.

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J is an assassin. He faked his death after stealing 1 ton of Heroin from 24, the biggest criminal organization. He knew, it was too early to sell the hot stuffs, so he hid those things in the black boards.

Unfortunately, the black boards are sent to a school to be used. J has to protect his belongings. He comes to the school as a teacher.

That’s where the adventure begun.

J meets many people who would eventually become his allies. They don’t call themselves friends, but they do share the same heart. Cool.

J is another artwork by Fujiwara Yoshihide sensei whom I remembered for Kenji! That’s why there’s so much heroic essence in this project.

But, man…I hate the premature ending!!!!!!!

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