Yuuki Jutta

 Live Action movie   Gokusen the Movie
Live action dorama  Mei chan no shitsuji, Gokusen 3, Cat Street, S~ Saigo no Keikan
 Live action Musical  Prince of Tennis Musical
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 Another tenimyu guy, Yuki Jutta. I like him because he can always make me smile. He’s actually not a comedian, but his face is so funny and make it hard for me to get angry at him (not that he had done anything that piss me off). He’s also a very sweet and soft hearted person who easily get touched and cry.

taken from stardust

Known for his role as Jackal in Musical Tennis no Oujisama, Yuuki was born in Brazil  on May 27 1985 , just like the manga character. He’s 176 cm tall and has dark skin. Yeah, we can say he’s the perfect person to play the role. After tenimyu, Yuuki gets chances in some hit doramas like Gokusen 3 (as Murayama Jutta), Gira-gira (as host…geez..I haven’t watch this one, though) then Mei chan no Shitsuji (as Kiba). Among all tenimyu cast, he’s the one who had jump into better roles in japanese entertainment world. He’s not involving in any yaoi movie (I’m not saying that yaoi is bad, but it’s inferior entertainment and less popular).
As seen in Tenimyu DVD Supporters, Yuuki is a sensitive (and adorable) man. Well, he’s an A type guy, of course. He can cry for being touched by the other casts. He’s also a perfectionist and gets anxious if things are not where they are supposed to be. He works well with all casts, especially Kiriyama Renn who played Bunta Marui (Jackal’s double partner).

taken from stardust
taken from stardust


  • Keishichou Ikimono Gakari (2017, ep7) – Kusano
  • The Last Cop (2016)
  • Kazoku no Katachi (2016)movielosophy-2016-01-18-21h22m30s610
  • Hanasaki Mai ga Damatteinai (2014, eps 7)
  • Senryokugai Sousakan (2014, eps 4)jutta_SS jutta_ss4 juttass
  • S – Saigo no Keikan (2014) as Baba Carlos Hirokimovielosophy-2014-01-15-08h43m53s130 movielosophy-2014-01-15-08h43m55s151 movielosophy-2014-01-15-08h44m05s250

    Taken from kimisawa yuki's blog
    Taken from kimisawa yuki’s blog
  • Boku no Ita Jikan (2014, eps 1)movielosophy-2014-01-09-15h30m26s85 movielosophy-2014-01-09-15h31m36s23 movielosophy-2014-01-09-15h31m40s57
  • Welcome to Villa Tefutefu (2013)
  • Tsurukame Josanin Minami no Shima.Kara (2012) as Kawano Koji
  • Renai Neet (2012) as Takahashi Akira

  • Gokusen 3 Sp (2009)
  • Mei chan no Shitsuji  (2009) – Kiba
  • Gira Gira as Toma  (2008 )
  • Cat Street (eps 5)
  • Gokusen 3  (2008 ) – Murayama Jutta

jutta_gokusen3 [MOVIE]

  • Suzuki sensei (2012)
  • Gokusen: The Movie (2009)

  • I am Nipponjin (2006)


  • 2014.11.07~16 G kaikyoG
  • Musical Tennis no Oujisama Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku First Service – Jackal Kuwabara ( 2006 )
  • Musical Tennis no Oujisama Dream Live 4th – Jackal Kuwabara
  • Musical Tennis no Oujisama Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku Second Service – Jackal Kuwabara
  • Musical Tennis no Oujisama The Progressive Match Higa feat. Rikkai -Jackal Kuwabara
  • Musical Tennis no Oujisama Dream Live 5th -Jackal Kuwabara

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