Live Action Movie Takumi kun:Soshite, Harukaze ni Sasayaite, Detective Conan, Akai Ito, Bura bura ban ban, The Cherry Orchard, Shinsegumi Peace Maker
Live Action Dorama: Akai Ito, Tumbling, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011, Hakuba no Oujisama
Live action Musical : Tennis no Oujisama as Kaido Kaoru (2006-2008, 3rd Generation), Tumbling 3

Born in Kanagawa, June 3 1988, Tomo is part of D-Boys, a group of ikemen doing acrobatic dancing under Watanabe Talent agency. He has what an idol has: big eyes, cute lips, and nice voice. And you wonder why we haven’t seen him in many dramas or movie? Yeah, me too.

This 173 cm tall guy’s particularly known by his role as Kaido Kaoru in Prince of Tennis Musical. I really think it’s not the perfect feature for him because he’s so damn cute, while Kaido is supposed to be hot and masculine (Kaido is well portrayed by Hirata Yuuichiro who double casted it with Tomo). lol. But, still he’s such a fine actor.
Since, so little information about him yet (and I can’t read/write Japanese. kawaisoooo), I hardly find anything to write about, so this is just a beginning for this review since I’m gonna find out more about him.


In 2011, Tomo posted a picture of him and his mother. Nah, now we know where he got that chubby cutie face!

Tomo is also a good friend of Setomaru. They often seen together. In Natsudoko 2011, Tomo even tried to peek Setomaru while he was changing. lol.Ok, only good friend can do that.
On June 29 2012, Tomo is officially joining D☆DATE. This only means one thing: D☆DATE is going to be cuter and cuter. If it were Channaka, then the group image would turned into “sexy”, right? lol.


  • Hatashiai (2016)- Matsuzaki Shinjiro tomo
  • Share (SP, 2014.08.30)tomo_share1
  • Hanasaku Ashita (2014) – Mori Yutamovielosophy-2014-02-20-16h01m27s9
  • Hakuba no Oujisama (2013)Hakuba_07 Hakuba_08
  • Kakusho (2013) – Obuchi TakahiroKakusho_TomoKakusho_Tomo2Kakusho_Tomo3
  • Watashi to kare to Oshaberi Kuruma (SP, Sept 23 2012) – Tojo Keisuke
  • Akko to Bokura ga Ikita Natsu (April 14 & 21, 2012) – Yoshiyuki NakaneAkko1 Akko3 akko4 Akko5 Akko6 akko7 Akko9 Akko10
  • Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 (2011) – Kayashima Taiki

  • Zettai Reido SP (2010)
  • Karyu no Utage (2011) – Itokazu Yua
  • Tumbling (2010)

  • Shinsegumi Peace Maker  (2010) – Okita Souji

  • Samurai High School (2009)
  • Akai Ito (Fuji TV / 2008 )

  • Sand Chronicles | Sunadokei (TBS / 2007)
  • Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari (Fuji TV, 2007)
  • NOZOKIYA (TV Tokyo, 2007) – Takeshi
  • Renai Shindan ~Tsubasa no Kakera~ (2007) – Tsubasa


Vampire Stories’ Even Footage


  • Sho no Michi (2009)
  • Threads Of Destiny | Akai Ito (2008 )


  • Sanada Juyushi (2015.01.08~25)
  • Tumbling vol.3, 2012

    Taken from Tomoaday

taken from photozou

  • Samishi Magnet ~ D Boys Stage 10, 2012
  • The witness for prosecution~ D Boys Stage 9, November 2011
from tomo-a-day
from Tomo a day
  • The Prince of Tennis Musical: Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku ~ First Service (In Winter of 2006-2007) as Kaido Kaoru
  • The Prince of Tennis Musical: Dream Live 4th (2007) as Kaido Kaoru
  • The Prince of Tennis Musical: Dream Live 4th ~extra~ (2007) as Kaido Kaoru
  • The Prince of Tennis Musical: Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku ~ Second Service (2007) as Kaido Kaoru
  • The Prince of Tennis Musical: Progressive Match Higa feat. Rikkaidai (shared the role with Yuuichirou Hirata) (In Winter of 2007-2008) as Kaido Kaoru
  • The Prince of Tennis Musical: Dream Live 5th (shared the role again with Hirata) (2008 ) as Kaido Kaoru
  • 2007 – D-Boys Stage Volume 1
  • 2007 – SWITCH WO OSUTOKI 2 ~Kimitachi wa naze ikiteirunda?~
  • 2007 – Out of Order (Live Entertainment Stage Show) as Guest Star

[D-Boys Event]

  • 2011 Natsudoko


2012~ Tomo tomo Radio


[02.12.2012]  Hamonepu Star League

6 thoughts on “Yanagishita Tomo

  1. kawaisugiru… tamaranai. tamanarai. tamanarai. tamaranaaaaaai……
    senpai, doooooushite kono hito ga sonnnnnnnani kawaaaaii nano??? totemo iyashii shi, amai shi, sonnnani suki ni natte shimatta…. tomo….>______< tomooooo…..!!!

  2. quiero ver la película en donde sale el con pelo rubio y un tatuaje en el cuello y hombro no me acuerdo el nombre de la pelicula

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