Yamada Yuki


Nickname: Yuki, Pudding, puri, Prince
Live action movie: hot road, Strobe Edge, Boku wa Ashita, Kinou no Kimi to Date Suru, Hurricane Polymar, Ajin: Demi Human
Live action dorama: GTO (2012), GTO SP, GTO Oshogatsu SP, GTO 2013 SP, Itazura na kiss~ love in tokyo, Itazura na Kiss 2,
Live action musical: –
Blog:  yuki yamada

from Smart magazine, February 2012

Yuki may the newbies in the entertainment world. So far, he’s only appeared in Gokaiger series, but I bet we’ll see him more on tv (like in GTO??? *excited*). He’s currently working under AMUSE, as part of D2 unit since December 2010. Scouted on September 19, 2010, he made it as a finalist in that D-Boys special unit audition.

He was born on September 18, 1990, in Aichi. It was said that among Gokaiger’s cast members, his birthday falls far from them (Ryota Jan25; Mao Feb 1; Kazuki April 24; Yui April 4) that they’d forget to celebrate it *poor joe*

Despite his cool appearance as Joe Gibken, Yuki admits that he’s not that cool in real life. Ah, but he managed it well to portray that amazing swordsman. He does speak like a teenager who’s full of enthusiasm and fantasy. Can’t believe me? Read his blog.

How do people see him?

Ara-chan said in Saturday Driving Breeze (radio show broadcasted on June 16th, 2012) that Yuki saw as a guy with a lot of pheromone *www. can you imagine me rolling on the floor when he said that? * Well, I agree that Yuki is a sexy guy.

Yuki aspires to be an actor. He does know how to attract people with his acting. He used to play baseball in high school, then change into volleyball. Well, he regretted it when he quit baseball. Just like any other teenager, Yuki found it hard to understand his own path. He didn’t want to take university exam and join the audition his sister told him. Since then, he’s assured to follow the path of becoming an actor.

Izuka Kenta (AMUSE) met him recently . They met in Jin jin’s house (read Yuki’s blog) . Inocchi wrote that Yuki is such an interesting fellow. They get along well as they came from the same hometown (Aichi). Inocchi also stated that he’s watched Yuki’s Gokaiger. Awww… There’s a story behind his nickname “Pudding”. Once he got called by the name “Prince” for being so cool. Well, it was in high school. Can you imagine him walking down the hall and all the girls just hold their screams? Yeah, I’d do the same. But, it was before they know his true nature *cough*. He’s not as cool as people expect him to be. haha. And so the nickname changed into “Pudding” or “puri”. lol. He acted as Blue Sentai in his high school festival, that’s when he decided to become an actor. He never imagined that his debut role is Joe Gibken, Gokai Blue. What a fate ha? In reality, he’s a fanboy! He follows Big Bang and loves One Piece. His favorite character in that manga is Sanji. That’s why he’s very happy when IkePi dresses him as a pirate in Harudoko 2012.


  • 3 Papas | Sannin no Papa (TBS / 2017) –  Hano Kyohei
  • Tomodachi Gemu (2017) – Mikasa Tenji
  • Watashi ni Unmei No Koi Nante Arienaitte Omotteta (2016.12.20) movielosophy-2017-01-02-21h19m02s647
  • Kasouken no Onna S16 (2016, ep4) – Himura Naoto
  • Shihei ~ Death Cash (2016) – Miura Satoshi
  • Juken no Cinderella (2016) – Okita Yuta
  • High & Low Season 2 (2016) – Murayama Yoshiki
  • Onna Kudoki Meshi Season 2 (2016, ep2) – Ogasawara Yamato
  • Arechi no Koi (2016) – Kayama Tadao
  • Yonimo Kimyou na Monogatari (2015.11.21, Imakiyo-san)
  • HiGH & LOW (2015) HL_PUDDING
  • Hotel Concierge (2015) – Konno Koutaro
  • Kaseki no Hohoemi (2015, SP) – Fukada Kensuke

kasekinohohoemi_01 kasekinohohoemi_02 kasekinohohoemi_03 kasekinohohoemi_04


  • Ajin: Demi Human (2017)
  • Tomodachi Gemu (2017) – Mikasa Tenji
  • Hurricane Polymar (2017) – Kuruma Joichi
  • Aa, Koya (2017) – Yuji
  • Nidome no Natsu, Nidoto Aenai Kimi (2017) –  Ishida Rokuro
  • Kako: My Sullen Past (2016)
  • Boku wa Ashita, Kinou no Kimi to Date Suru (2016)
  • Ookami Shojo to Kuro Ouji (2016)movielosophy_wolfpudding_01movielosophy_wolfpudding_02
  • High & LOW the movie (2016) – Maruyama Yoshiki
  • Road to High & Low (2016) – Maruyama Yoshiki
  • Aozora no Yell (2016) – Usui Kotamovielosophy-2017-04-14-22h49m28s417movielosophy-2017-04-14-22h47m09s209
  • Fukigen na Kako (2016)
  • Yamikin Dogs (2015) – Ando Tadaomiyamikin dogs





  • Strobe Edge (2015) – Ando Takumi



  • Hot Road (2014) – Kinpa
    Taken from Hot Road Ameblo
    Taken from Hot Road Ameblo


  • We’re Bounty Hunder (Toei’s Next Hero, 2014.05.10) as Dojima WataruYamada Yuki_Toei HeroBiMBx4xCcAASiYv
  • Live (2014)Livelive-
  • Me & 23 Slaves | Doreiku: Boku to 23 nin no Dorei (2014)


  • Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen (2012) – Joe Gibken/Gokai Blue
  • Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (2011-2012) – Joe Gibken




  • D2 School Calendar 2012-2013



  • D2 Live~ Nov 2010


[2013.08.10] Mecha mecha iketeru [2012.12.02]  Hamonepu Star League


2013.08. Itoshii Kimi e ~ Greeeen (PV Model)movielosophy-2013-09-03-12h30m28s138 movielosophy-2013-09-03-12h30m34s200 movielosophy-2013-09-03-12h30m54s145 movielosophy-2013-09-03-12h31m16s104


  • 2014 Nescafe Ambassador

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