Tokimasa Tanabe

Live Action Movie: –

Live Action dorama: Otomen

There’s so little information about him on the internet. Too bad, I think he’s cute.

Tokimasa was born in Saitama at August 15, 1990. He started acting since 2001 and currently working under Stardust management.

It’s understandable since he only got minor role, so far. But, I think he’s cute. He plays Young Goemon in Kiriyaki Kazuya’s latest master piece, Goemon. He also takes part in live action dorama, Otomen. This is the list of his works


  • Bukatsu do (2010)
  • Hokaben (2008, eps 5-6)
  • Otomen as Nakajima (2009)

  • “Shinsengumi!” as Sojiro Okita (1 episode, 2004)
  • Mabo Dofu no nyôbô (2003) (unknown episodes)
  • Shoro Nagashi (NHK, 2002)
  • Kamen Rider Agito  as Taichi Misugi (2001)


  • Kaidan shin Mimibukuro supesharu: Ushiro – Kioku (2009 )
  •  Goemon as Young Goemon (2009)

  •  Kaidan shin Mimibukuro supesharu: Ushiro
  •  Kioku (2009) (TV)
  •  Mezon do Himikoas Junya (2005)
  •  Ima, ai ni yukimasu (aka. Be With You) (2004)



  • Panasonic CM (2008)


7 thoughts on “Tokimasa Tanabe

  1. i’d fall’in love with him at first sight. first time i saw him in Goemon ~ he’s just too … adorable >_<

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