tumblr_ma4d015ZWQ1qkcxtwo2_500Full name: Yoshizawa Ryo
Nickname: oryo, ryo (by the senpais)
Liveaction movieDansei Koukousei no Nichijou, Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru, Seki Seki Ren Ren, Ao Haru Ride, Gintama, Marmalade boy, Bleach, Gintama 2
Liveaction dorama: Bussen, Kanojo wa Uso o Ai Shisugiteru Side Story ~Boku to Kanojo ga Deau Mae no Monogatari, Jigoku Sensei Nube
Liveaction stage: Bussen
Blog: oryo



Back in 2011, there may be only a few people that ever heard the name of “Yoshizawa Ryo”. Who’s this guy? When he got a chance to play in Kamen Rider Fourze for the first time, I couldn’t help but underestimate *sorry Ryo, but I gotta be honest*. But, now he’s widely known. It’s his role as Sakuta Ryusei that caught  me &  surely many other fans.

He tried almost 31425 auditions before joining AMUSE  after winning Amuse National Audition (The Push) in 2009. Working under one of the coolest agencies, Ryo is surely in the right hand!

He has the look, the voice, and the enthusiasm to be a good actor. Many would wonder if he can only play the cool guy, and I’d happily answer, “NO”. I’ve checked his dorama, Kingyo Club and few stages he played in. He had tried funky, silly roles before taking smirking prince’s Sakuta role. lol.He was born on February 1rst 1994. He has 2 brothers and claimed to be the most handsome among them *lol* (source: Ousama no Brunch Sept 1, 2012). His specialty includes Kendo *kyaaa* and Juggling *because he saw it in a circus. so cute, oryo!*

It seems to me he has great acting potency. I know Kamen Rider Fourze would be his stepping stone into bigger screens. I’ll be watching you, Ryo!


  • Giver: Revenge’s Giver | Giver: Fukushu no Zoyosha (TV Tokyo / 2018) – Giba
  • Survival Wedding (NTV / 2018) – Kashiwagi Yuichi
  • Natsuzora (NHK / 2019) – Yamada Tenyo
  • Koi Suru Hong Kong (TBS-MBS / 2017) – Yamada Kenta
  • Boku wa Mari no Naka (Fuji TV-FOD / 2017) – Komori Isao
  • Gintama: Mitsuba hen (dTV / 2017) – Okita Sogo
  • Tomodachi game (2017) – Katakiri Yuichi
  • Cold Case (2016, ep1)
  • Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru (2016, ep3)


  • Hayako-sensei, Kekkon Surutte Hontou desu ka (2016, ep04)oryo_hayako4_big
  • Budokan (2016) – Mizushima Daichicentrcrxiaa28lc
  • Rinshou Hanzai Gakusha Himura Hideo no Suiri (2016, ep 2) – Hata
  • Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudadasai (2016, ep 1) – Junta
  • Otona Joshi (2015) – Maekawa Ryosukepathetic-oryo
  • HEAT (2015) – Matsuyama Kohei
  • Jigoku Sensei Nube (2014)oryo_nube
  • Waterpolo Yankee – Suikyu Yankisu (2014) – Kato Shinsukesuika1
  • 「新解釈 日本史」- `Shin kaishaku nihonshi’(2014) – various roles (different role each eps)SKN_03SKN_06SKN_07
  • Lost Days (2014) – Takano Natsu LD1_01 LD1_02 LD1_04 LD1_05 LD1_07 LD1_08lost days
  • Sokusenryoku (2014)


  • Kanojo wa Uso o Ai Shisugiteru Side Story ~Boku to Kanojo ga Deau Mae no Monogatari~ (A Story of Before She and I Met) (2013, eps 8 “Yū-chan no Kataomoi Nikki (Yū-chan’s One-Sided Love Diary)”) – Kimijima YuichiIMG_2858
  • Bussen (2013) – Shosuke TamuraButsen-oryo


  • Share house no Koibito (2013, eps 3-4) – Negishi
  • Soko o Nantoka (2012, eps 2) – Yabe Keita 
  • Kingyo Club (2011) – Yanagihashi Sho

  • SIGN (2011) – Nagi


  • Gintama 2 (2018) – Okita Sogo
  • Bleach (2018) – Ishida Uryu
  • Neko wa Daku Mono (2018) – Cat Yoshio
  • Reon (2018) – Ichijo Toru
  • Aku to Kamen no Ruru (2018) – Ito Ryosuke
  • Marmalade Boy (2018) – Matsuura Yuu
  • Anoko no Toriko (2018) – Suzuki Yori
  • River’s Edge (2018) – Yamada Ichiro
  • The Disastrous Life of Saiki K | Saiki Kusuo no Sainan (2017) – Kaito Shun
  • Tomodachi game (2017) – Katakiri Yuichi
  • Gintama (2017) – Sogo Okitasnap-2017-11-26-13h20m52s344snap-2017-11-26-13h19m55s102
  • Saraba Abunaideka (2016)
  • Tsuugaku Series Tsuugaku Densha (2015)
  • Haru Ride (2014) – Kominato Ayaoryo_AoHaruRide
  • Seki seki Ren Ren (2013) – Junyamovielosophy-2014-08-20-21h41m08s34 movielosophy-2014-08-20-21h43m23s103 movielosophy-2014-08-20-21h56m49s233

taken from eiga.com

taken from eiga.com


2013.12.14 KanoUso first day screening

  • Dansei Koukousei no Nichijou (Daily lives of High school boys) (2013) – Hidenori



  • Super hero taihen (2012) as Kamen Rider Meteor (voice)
  • Net movie Kamen Rider Fourze: minna de jugyou kitā! ! (2012) as Kamen Rider Meteor



  • Tokyo Head (2015.03.18)OMOTEtokyo head remastered
  • Bussen (2013)
  • Jewelry Hotel (Guest: August 22 2012)

    Taken from Jewelry Hotel Blog
  • Mystic Topaz (March 31 – April 10 2011) – Tsukiji

Interview translation cuts:

Q1. “Mystic Topaz” is also known as “Rainbow Topaz” as an alias. Please tell us your favourite colour of the 7 colours of the rainbow and why.”
A1. Blue. It seems to feel most relieving.

O2. Please tell us your “7 tools” of OO.
A2. 7 essential tools → Scripts, writing material, training wear, training shoes, headband, towel, snacks

Q3. The production is a stage show lined with antique shops. For one, a value in their situation being something not understood… Is there such?
A3. A sofa in my room from when I was small. Although it is tattered with holes, it is full of memories.

Q4. Please tell us if you have ever experienced “Mystic (Mysterious. Incomprehensible)” episodes so far.
A4. When water dripped down from the ceiling when I was in the room, there weren’t any signs of the ceiling getting wet at all when I looked. The ceiling leak was impossible because it was the 2nd floor of my 7-storey mansion… What was it though, I wonder.

Q5. Forsaken by chance… Your thoughts of the recent events are?
A5. Although I always put collapsible umbrellas on my back,, rain fell on the day I forgot it by chance.

Q6. “Mystic Topaz” is, by how the light is applied, it is a jewel charm that gives-off various sparkles. Please shed light on a side of Yanagisawa-kun that isn’t known!
A6. I was surprised at how unexpectedly super-duper precise Yanagisawa-kun is.

Q7. Leave some enthusiasm towards the stage!
I think I grew one and a half years later from “BLACK PEARL”
I will try my best so that everyone will have something even more interesting to watch than “BLACK PEARL”.


taken from how amuseing
  • Pinnochio (2011) – Urashima Taro

Interview translation cuts:

–Although this is the first project with your participation, what were your thoughts upon watching last time’s “Black&White”?
In a very cool stage, bold too, I felt “I was also exempted!” So this time, I’m really pleased. By pulling everyone’s legs [i.e. Messing around with them], I feel that I’ll do my best.


–What’s it like being an late-comer?
Although I was accepted after the first audition, I was surprised to be accepted after the first audition. “Introduce yourself by singing and dancing” is what was remarked, in a rap-tone, so I said in that sort of way “I’m Yoshizawa Ryo, yay!”. I tried my best (lol).


–The role you play, which is that?
Urashima Taro. “In PINOCCHIO, why am I that?” is what I said about my chara’~! In my image, I think Urashima Taro is the type who obediently accepts anything. I am in such a comparative position too. “You arrival [i.e. newcomer], watch out for scams!” etc, it’s well-said. So somewhat to me, there may be Urashima traits in me~


–Is there anything to worry about during the act?
Although there is much, it’s mostly the juggling [that I’m worried about]. It’s difficult~ Since I use my head much while practicing it, I get a headache while doing it. I say “Aaaah! Every time I drop it”, it’s frustrating (lol). I want to practice well until the public performance, I want to show something good~


–What is the “Pinocchio” team atmosphere like?
It’s lively, and I’m doing things while everyone is doing things, so it’s really fun. There are younger ones too~ I, since I was the younger one all the time until now, think that the younger ones here are “Cuuute”, and at the same time, I feel “I’m a senior, I must be steady”~


–In which way do you want this stage show to be watched?
Although there is dialogue too, it’s really “A mysterious world where wonders aren’t mysterious”. Although it’s an impossible world if one was to normally live there, it becomes more natural the more you look at it. A world such as that, I want to enjoy it a lot~


  • Black Pearl  ( April 7th ~ 11th  2010) – Rhum


  • 2013 Super Handsome Live 2013
  • 2012 Super Handsome Live 2012 *by the way, it’s oryo’s first handsome! yay*

[PHOTOBOOK/ calendar]

  • 2015 Yoshizawa Ryo Calendaroryo sample
  • 2012 September  HAJIMARI 


[2012] Bandai Kamen Rider chocolate biscuits

[October 2011] McDonald’s Happy Set Mezzo Piano



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  1. I LOVE YOSHIZAWA RYO!!! ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!! I really appreciate your time and effort that you put into this lovely URL. I will be taking some pictures to save on my phone of my lovely Ryo-san. I ♥ U Ryo-san!!! ^_^

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