Full name   Kiriyama Renn
Real name Nishiyama Hideki
Live action movie   donten ni warau
Live action dorama  Shibatora, Tokyo Ghost Trip, Hanazakari    no Kimitachi e 2011,   Switch Girl, 37 sai de issha ni natta boku, Switch Girl 2, Hanasaki Mai ga damatteinai, Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo N, Kasa wo motanai aritachi wa
Live action musical  Prince of Tennis Musical
Official blog        Renn’s World

IBT4_Renn4Renn is probably best known for his role in tokusatsu series, Kamen Rider W, as Hidari Shoutaro. I think that role suits him well. Trying hard to be cool while inside he’s a soft and fragile person? Yup, that’s our Renn !

soratobu6_renn soratobu7_renn2 soratobu7_renn4

Taken from NHK Dramatic Actor Files

from Renn-a-day

He’s currently working under Hirata Office talent management (yeah, along with Tabe Mikako, Miyazaki Aoi, Nagaoka Takuya, Suzuki Shogo and Hasegawa Hiroki). He  is also known for portraying Marui Bunta in Prince of Tennis Musical. He gets his first main role in RUN 60 movie. He gets more chance to appear in large screen in 2011 as he stars in Kimi e and Kichijoji no Asahina kun.

Personal Life

Renn was born on Feb 2nd, 1985 in Kanagawa. He hosts an internet radio program called MRW along with Shindo Gaku (do you still remember him right?). He’s 175 cm tall and is an O type blood guy. Renn-according to my observation-is a shy guy who often being clumsy. It was his lack of confident that cause him holding back all the potency inside him. *There are many good things about you, Renn!*

As a senpai, Renn gets along well with Masaki Suda, his co-actor in Kamen Rider W. Sudacchi describes his as an outspoken and straight forward person who’s not only saying good things, but also bad things to advice this young actor. While Sudacchi calls him “Renn san”, Renn calls him “Masaki”.  *He knows how to treat people!*

from Fineboys.April 2012

Taken from NHK Dramatic Actor Files

He’s open personality that enable people to laugh with him. But, when the opponent doesn’t feel the same way, he’s easily feeling discomfort. *aren’t we all like that?*

I see him as a cute funky person. Okay, sometimes he just tries too hard to look fun. He often portrays a stupid funny character. And he’s good at it. He’s the kind of guy who always make me smile. I think the best character he played is Hidari Shoutaro. He is so….Shoutaro. lol. Let me make it clear, I don’t see him as ikemen. He’s just….attractive, super attractive, irresistible….

ikimono-1On a variety  about animal , ikimono ni thank you (トコトン掘り下げ隊!生き物にサンキュー! ちゃんと見た事ない生き物SP, 2015.01.21), Renn said that he likes hermit crab. XD. He could’ve say a dog lover, right?

from Renn's World
from Renn’s World


  • Agatha Christie Drama Special 2018 ~ Paddington Hatsu 4.50 ~ Shindai Tokkyuu Satsujin Jiken (2018, SP)
  • Code: Mirage (2017) – Miragemovielosophy-2017-04-14-21h30m24s497movielosophy-2017-04-14-21h30m01s660
  • Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito (2017, ep1) – Kumicho
  • Kasa wo Motanai Aritachi wa 傘をもたない蟻たちは (2016) – Hashimoto Jun

  • Mothers 2015- 17sai no Jitsubo (2015.12.19, SP)- Kataoka Yohei
  • Kono mystery ga sugoi! Best Writer Chosen (このミステリーがすごい!-ベストセラー作家からの挑戦状-) (2015.11.30) – Kaburagi


  • 永久就職試験 (Eikyuu Shushoku Shiken) (2015) – Morioka Kotaro













  • Hanasaki Mai ga damatte inai (2014, eps 8) – Akimoto
  • Kimyo na Koi no Monogatari (Net movie, 2014, eps 3)





  • Reset (NTV, 2009, ep1)
  • Shibatora (Fuji TV, 2008, ep7-8) – Igarashi


    • Donten ni warau (2017) – Shirasu Kinjou
    • Kanon (2016) – Satoshi (Kishimoto Ai’s groom)
    • Tokyo PR Woman (2015) TPW_RennTPR_RENN
    • Ju On – The Final (2015) – Kitamura Sota
juon copy
from Renn’s blog
  • Gyujyou Iro no, Toori Michi (群青色の、とおり道 ) (2015)
  • Juken Jigoku (2014) – Kusumi Takahiro
  • LDK (2014) – Sanjo Wataru



  • Tokyo Yamimushi (2013, 2 PARTS) – Kato RyoTokyoYamimushity1
  • Ooku~ Eien [The castle of crossed destinies]  (2012) – Osukeooku1
  • Kichijoji no Asahina kun (2011)
  • Kimi e (2011)Renn_Kimi e
  • Run 60 (2011) – Takasugi Yurun60_1

  • Bokura no Houteishiki (2008)

  • Cafe Daikanyama III: Sorezore no Ashita (2009)

  • Cafe Daikanyama II (2008)

  •  Cafe Daikanyama -Sweet Boys- (2008)


  • Heisei Rider vs Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai (2014) – Hidari ShotaroHidariShotaro2 HidariShotaro shotaro1
  • Kamen Rider x Super Sentai x Space Sherrif : Superhero Taisen Otsu: Heroo! Answers (2013, Net movie) – Hidari Shoutaro (voice)
  • Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO Movie War MegaMax   (2011) – Hidari Shoutaro

  • Kamen Rider W: Hidari Shoutaro Hard-Boiled Delussion Diary  (2010) – Hidari Shoutaro


  • Bussen (November 6 – 17 2013)
  • 激動-GEKIDO-」(August – Sept 2013)

    Taken from Gekido blog
    Taken from Gekido blog
  • 「辻仁成 その後のふたり」‘tsuji hitonari sonogo no futari’ (April 6-14  2013)
  • 朗読劇 私の頭の中の消しゴム 3rd letter (roudoku geki watashi no atama no naka no keshigomu 3 rd letter ) (May 2011)
  • 台風14号 もんしろ (taifuu 14 gou mon shiro ) (2008)
  • スイッチを押すとき~君達はなぜ生きているんだ?~ (suicchi o osu toki ~[?] kun tachi ha naze iki te iru n da ?~[?] ) (2007)
  • Boys Love (theatrical edition) (2007)
  • Prince of Tennis Musical as Bunta Marui in
  1. Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku ~ First Service (2006-2007)
  2. Concert Dream Live 4th (2007)

[PV as model]

  • [2011]  “Masterpiece” ~ mihimaruGT
  • [2011] “WITHOUT U” ~Aoyama Thelma feat.4Minute
  • [2011] “Kuriun’nare – because I wanted to meet you,” ~ CSS
  • [2011] “Love Fushigi” ~ Cherie
  • [2011] “どうして好きなんだろう ” (Doushite sukinan darou) ~NERDHEAD feat. Mai K.
  • [2010] Nobody’s Perfect ~ Narumi Soukichi character song
  • [2010] Shou akuma Smooch ~ SUG
  • [2010] W-B-X boiled extreme~ Kamiki Aya & TAKUYA


  • Kiriyama Renn private journey in Vietnam III (March 2009)
  • Kiriyama Renn private journey in Vietnam II (Feb 2009)
  • Kiriyama Renn private journey in Vietnam I (Jan 2009)
  • Renn Kiriyama Second Premium (Oct 2008)
  • Men’s DVD Humidity 83% (August 2007)
  • Renn Kiriyama 1rst Premium DVD Room Number (March 2007)


  • Men’s Photobook Mobius (July, 2007)



2013 People’s Choice Award in Seoul International Drama Award (2013.09.04)

Taken from Renn's blog
Taken from Renn’s blog

Quoted from Fuji TV Blog:

Out of all the non-Korean stars receiving awards, Renn Kiriyama was the only winner who made his acceptance speech in Korean. As part of his speech, Kiriyama thanked the audience and said, “As an actor living in the same Asia region, I am extremely honored to receive this award. I will continue striving to contribute to Asian dramas.” The venue was overtaken by a big round of applause once he finished his speech.

Oh dear…he’s so awesome.


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