Live Action dorama: Tokyo Ghost Trip, Fuuma No Kojiro

Live Action Movie:

Musical                      : Fuuma no Kojiro

I would like to make a different page of each Sakamoto brothers, but I had little information about them, so I decided to write about ON/OFF. The group consist of two cute twin brothers: Naoya and Kazuya Sakamoto. They are Identical Twins so it’s kinda hard to distinguish them at the first glance. But, they are different, I know. Each carries different personality that makes them what they are.

ON/OFF in Fuma No Kojiro

Futago (Twin) is the key of their unique packaging that makes ON/OFF sold. I saw them for the first time at futatsu kodoto akatsumi PV. It’s the Opening Soundtrack for popular anime, Vampire Knight. Their images are described as sad vampire who chained to each other. And I thought, these guys are cute!
It was Fuma no Kojiro that open the door for me know them better. They play twin ninjas. Naoya san is Kou, a big brother who care so much of his little brother, while Kazuya-san is given the character of Shoryuu, a jealous little brother who seems hard to recognize the love from his brother. I wonder how their real life would be. The making video shows nice connection between them, but who knows? ha ha..I’m saying this because I have twin brother, as well. Though we doesn’t look alike, we share almost the same traits. And people like to compare twins. Sometimes it’s hard, because each of us want to be treated as what we are independently. However, being twin is a bless because not all people got that. When many people start their life alone,we have had accompany from the beginning. My brother is the one I’d like to talk to, to fight to and to care to. Well, we fought a lot when we were young ( I guess we also fought when we were still inside our mom…lol).
Anyway, back to our ikemen. Naoya-san and Kazuya-san seems like a package that they never do separate job. It’s in music and acting. They participated in:

Tokyo Ghost Trip
Fuma no Kojiro

futatsu kodoto akatsumi
Ore dake no Muse
Eien no Setsuna


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