Masanobu Ando

Profession Actor, director
Live action movie Battle Royale, 69, Smuggler, Sakuran
Live action dorama: – 

I fell in love with Kiriyama Kazuo when I watched Battle Royale. When I found out the actor who play that role is Masanobu Ando, I started to like him. But, unlike many actors, Masanobu Ando is not trapped in one kind of role. I mean, look how cool he is. Handsome? yes. Sexy? of course. But, he barely take the prince role.

The butcher, the chef & the Swordsman

He started directing for Adagietto where he put Kumiko Aso as the main character. It was in 2003. Ever since, he had been challenging his acting skills by taking various role. He has played many kinds character from that psychopath killers to cute bank robber, he even tried homo character. His latest movie is Sukiyaki Western Janggo where he played as Yoichi, the descendant of Yoshitsune. They perform in English so you can imagine how funny it would be. But, Masanobu can pronounces many words well enough. I give him 4 star rating for his English. He he he.

He was born on 1975, 19 May, in Kanagawa, Japan. He’s absolutely Japan’s Johny Deep. He said that He’s a mature person with deeper thinking. It’s the opposite from the character Shiro Kazuki he played in Big Bang Love Juvenile who’s instinct-driven creature. But, he played it well. Well, he’s the only reason I watch the movie. Me, unlike Masanobu Ando, doesn’t really like Takashi Miike’s weird work.

You may not find many articles about him on the net. Even wikipedia can’t describe him enough. I think it also support his modest personality. He thinks he’s not a successful actor yet and hope someone else to give him advice on how to have a successful career in the future.


  • Ushijima the Loan Shark The Final | Yamikin Ushijima-kun Za Fainaru (2016) – Hajime Gakuto
  • Kashin (2016) – Yasunori Ochi
  • Sadako vs Kayako (2016) – Spiritual Medium Kyozo
  • Serafuku to Kikanju: Graduation (2016)
  • Gonin Saga (2015) – Seiji
  • Petal Dance (2013) – Naoto
  • R-18 bangaku-sho Vol.1: Jijojibaku no watashi (2013)
  • Smuggler (2011) – Spine

The Chef
  • Forever Enthralled (2008 )
  • Mei Lanfang Bio Pic (2008)
  • Sukiyaki Western: Django (2007)
  • Sakuran (2007)
  • Akumu Tantei /”Nightmare Detective” (2007)
  • Strawberry Shortcakes (2006)
  • Korogi /”Crickets” (2006)
  • Seishun Kinzoku Batto (2006) – Ishioka
  • 46-okunen no Koi / “Big Bang Love Juvenile A” (2006)
  • Gimmy Heaven/”Synesthesia” (2005)
  • Bokoku no Igisu (2004)
  • Black Kiss (2004, theatrical release in 2006)
  • 69 (2004) – AdamaAndo_69
  • Short Films (2003)
  • Sonic Four Peace Vibe (2003)
  • Showa Kayo Daizenshu (2003)
  • Tokyo 10+01/ “Tokyo Eleven” (2002)
  • Drive (2002)
  • Gakko no Kaidan Noroi Special (2002)
  • Satorare/ “Transparent: Tribute to a Sad Genius” (2001)
  • Akakage (2001) – Akakage
  • Batte Royale (2000) – Kiriyama Kazuo
  • Space Travellers (2000)
  • Monday (2000)
  • Poppoya/ “Railroad Man” (2009)
  • Adrenaline Drive (199)
  • Innocent World (1999)
  • Kids Return (1996)
  • Rex: Kyoryu Monogatari (1993)


  • Kimi ni Sasageru Emblem (2017, SP) – Kamimura
  • Jimi ni Sugoi (2016, ep6)
  • Koi no sanriku (2016) – Osako Tatsuya Koi_Masanobu Ando
  • Higashino Keigo no Mysteries (2012, ep 6) –  Bitou Shigehisa
  • Seinen wa Kouya wo Mezasu/ ” When the Saints Come Marching in” (1999)
  • La Peode Bleue | Ao no jidai (TBS / 1998)
  • When the Saints Go Marching In | Seija no Koushin (1998)
  • Tomodachi no Koibito (1997)

6 thoughts on “Masanobu Ando

  1. Ando Masanobu is actually a very successful actor, and quite popular too, why do you think he has appeared in so many movies? *winks*
    But I don’t think he is as popular as he should be though, his acting career is impressive & has gained quite alot of fans over the years, but I think he still deserves more! 😛

    1. I think he needs to be in drama series to gain more attention. ugh, stardust please do something about it!

      1. I think so too, he used to appear in dramas regularly in 1998 & 1999, but then he started to focus more on movies. I don’t know why, maybe he just prefers to be in movies? Some actors are very successful career-wise, but they mainly act in movies, like Ando-san and actress Aoi Yuu. But I do think if he appears in more dramas, he’d definitely gain even more fame overall…right now, I do not think he has the kind of popularity that he deserves, I think his fame should be up there with the likes of Oguri Shun & Yamada Takayuki, but those actors appear in alot of dramas too. So I do hope Ando-san will appear in more dramas in the future.
        He did appear in 1 ep of ‘Higashino Keigo mysteries’ drama last year, maybe that’s a sign that he might return to dramas in the near future? although he’d probably still focus more on movies.

  2. seems like you do like him, too! does he have a wife? I couldn’t find anything about it on the net…
    and I love Kiriyama! he’s really insane and bloodthirsty which actually matches Andou-san’s face.

    1. I have no idea about his personal life, hardly read anything about him outside the screen.
      Well, he’s really good. one time he’s a bloody killer Kiriyama Kazuo, but he looked so charming in Space Travellers. XD

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