Masaki Okada

 Live action movie: Halfway, Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu Koto, Young Black Jack, Uchu   Kyoudai (Space Brothers), Himitsu no Akko chan, Strayer’s Chronicle, Gintama, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Live Action dorama: Seito Shokun!, Hanakimi, Otomen, Mirai Nikki, Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku, Young Black Jack
Live Action Musical : –

The year of 2009 is a great time for Okada san. He finally become the leading actor in live action dorama called Otomen.

masaki Okada

From Vivi Magazine, April 2012

winnerHe was born in Tokyo, Aug 15 1989 and gets his first chance on TV screen at the age of 17. He’s tall and has cute face. He’s currently working under Stardust Talent Agency.

I saw him for the first time as Sekime in Hanakimi. I really love his stupid yet adorable face there. Then, this 180 cm tall guy became the son of yakuza in Seito Shokun. Frankly speaking, he doesn’t suit bad guy character. He’s Leo and yet too sweet! lol. His perfect image is in Otomen as Masamune Asuka: cool, strong, smart and good at housework. A rare breed of ideal man, right?

choo kakkoi


On 2009, the AB type guy has 4 movies released. Wow! He’s currently so into romance movie. even though he’s already 20, he keeps playing 17 years old characters (not that I mind!).

hiks hiks kuenya berantakan


  • Meishi Game (WOWOW / 2017) – Xsnap-2017-12-09-22h30m35s035snap-2017-12-09-22h30m34s250snap-2017-12-09-22h30m24s736snap-2017-12-09-22h30m23s877
  • Small Giant | Chiisana Kyojin (TBS / 2017) – Haruhiko Yamadamovielosophy-2017-05-25-08h16m38s558movielosophy-2017-05-25-08h16m53s161movielosophy-2017-05-25-08h17m02s394
  • Yutori desu ga nani ka (SP, 2017) – Sakama Masakazu
  • ~ Kizuna ~ Hashire Kiseki no Kouma (2017.03.23-24, SP) – Matsushita Takuma
  • Kitakaze to Taiyo no Hotei (2017, SP) – Kojitani Yota
  • Byplayers | Baipureiyazu~Moshimo 6 ning no Meiwakiyaku ga Shea hause de Kurashitara~ (TV Tokyo / 2017) – himself (cameo)
  • Fuben na Benriya Hatsuyuki (2017, SP) – Takeyama Jun
  • Yutori desu ga nani ka (2016) – Sakama Masakazuyutori-desu-ga-nanika
  • Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku (2015) – Kakushidate Yakusuke



ST eps1

ST series






  • Chicken Race (2013.11.10, SP) – Kamiya Takeshi  ChickenRace03ChickenRace02ChickenRace01
  • ATARU Special (January 6 2013) – Tasuku Inoguchi
  • Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi 2012 Migi Kata no Onna (Fuji TV, 2012)
  • Mirai Nikki~ Another World  (Fuji TV, 2012) – Hoshino Arata

  • Seinaru Kaibutsutachi  (TBA, 2012) – Shiba Kengo

  • Taira no Kiyomori (NHK, 2012) – Minamoto no Yoritomo



  • Aishiteru ~ Kizuna (NTV, 2011, SP)
  • Ogon no buta (NTV, 2010)

  • Wagaya no Rekishi (Fuji TV, 2010) – Miyazaki Masashi
  • Otomen  (Fuji TV, 2009) – Asuka Masamune

senangnya date sama Ryo

Masaki as Asuka

  • Hanazakari no Kimitachi e SP  (Fuji TV, 2008 ) – Sekime Kyougo
  • Taiyo to Umi no Kyoshitsu (Fuji TV, 2008 )



  • Koshonin (TV Asahi, 2008, ep5)

  • Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Fuji TV, 2007) – Sekime

  • Seito Shokun! (TV Asahi, 2007) – Kinoshita Kaoru
  • Seishun Energy Mo Hitotsu no Sugar & Spice (Fuji TV, 2006)


  • Ito-kun A to E (2018) – Ito Seijiro
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2017) – Nijimura Keicho
  • Gintama (2017) – Katsura Kotaro


  • Nanimono (2017) – Miyamoto Takayoshimovielosophy-2017-05-25-08h14m30s311movielosophy-2017-05-25-08h03m14s950
  • Himitsu – Top Secret (2016) – Ikko Aokimovielosophy-2017-01-22-22h31m09s409movielosophy-2017-01-22-22h32m05s268
  • April Fools (2015) – Unfortunate ambulance worker
  • Strayer’s Chronicle (2015) – Subaru

subaru3 subaru2

  • ST Aka to Shiro no Sosa Fairu (2015) – Yurine Tomohisa
  • Mindset | Omoi no Koshi (2014) – Gajirou


  • Oh Father | O ! Faza (2014) – Yukio
  • Idai Naru, Shurarabon (2014) – Ryosuke HinodeIdaiNaru01 IdaiNaru03 IdaiNaru04 IdaiNaru05
  • ATARU The First Love & The Last Kill (2013) – Tasuku Inoguchi

ataru ataru2



KiyokuYowaku_02 KiyokuYowaku_08

  • Recipe of 49 Days | Shijukunichi no Recipe (2013) – Harumi
  • Himitsu no Akko chan (2012) – Naoto Hayase

HのAkkochan_00 HのAkkochan_06 HのAkkochan_08

  • Uchu kyoudai (Space Brothers) – Hibito Nanba (2012)

Uchu Kyodai_01 Uchu Kyodai_03 Uchu Kyodai_07 Uchu Kyodai_08

  • Antoki no inochi (2011)

  • Princess Toyotomi (2011) – Asahi Gainsbourg

  • Akunin  (2010) – Keigo Masao
  • Matataki (Blink) (2010)

  • Koukuhaku (2010)



  • Honokaa Boy (2009)



  • Bura bura ban (2008)




2014.08.01~07 「皆既食-Total Eclips-」KAIKISHOKU- TOTAL ECLIPS  *Sekime’s debut stage and first staring!!*

total eclips



  • 2015 Tamashi no Koe
  • 2015 Hotto Motto
  • 2014 Calpis Soda
  • 2013.01.01 IHI


  • 2012.09.19 Asahi Beer

Asahi beer






  • 2011 Mens Pocky
  • 2010 La Piazza
  • 2010 Lawson Onigiri
  • 2009 – Canon Pixus


  • 2014 Love Letter PV (GreeeeN)

33 thoughts on “Masaki Okada

    1. Thanks to Google translate I can understand what you’re writing. lol
      Thank you for visiting

      ~ sakuramochi

    1. Well, he’s been doing various roles lately, from prince to villain. I think he grows much more since Hanakimi (that’s the first time I saw him). What d’u think?

      1. I agree with you… he is so cute when I watched him first at Hanakimi, especially when he wore that Gundam costume. Now, after I watched him at Koukuhaku and Raio, he develops really well. Can’t wait to watch him with Shun Oguri at Space Brothers!!

        1. I already watched him in SB and he looks more mature *and having better hair than in Koukuhaku. lol*
          He’s just good at expressing things.

    1. What a long review u got there, Icha san. I must say I agree that SB is an awesome movie.
      I do think Masaki needs to practice his english more and more. I watched the movie with sub and I really had to rely on the sub whenever he spoke in English. Lol.
      And you’re right. English skill is important for his future career. Hoping to see him in greater movies this year.

  1. Sakura-chan, lucky that you watched it with sub. What flight were you in and to where, if I may know?

    I had to rely on common sense to understand SB. I have to fess, I paused the movie several times to get what Masaki said in English. I do agree that he needs to practice his English more; and what better opportunities there is than to have him participating in other English-speaking movies? For that, unfortunately SB has to be English subbed,(otherwise it will be hard for non Japanese ppl to catch it).

    I still think that – while M needs to practice more English – his English already surpassed my low expectation about it. I’ve heard other Asian actors/actresses speaking English (not talking of those born in the Western countries), and Masaki’s English is still better than many of them. He’s slightly below Osamu Mukai’s and Ken Watanabe’s, but I am certain, with practice, he can do more. Yay!

    1. Yay!!
      well, actually it’s not so hard to understand SB. I can say that because I watched the anime version, so even without sub we can easily guess the dialogue.
      Hmm, what flight was that again? I think it was last year’s GA’s flight to Manado.

  2. Hold on a minute. Garuda?? Are you an Indonesian? (I’m an Indonesian girl). I’ve flown Garuda several times late last year, but I never got Space Brothers! Grumble grumble grumble! I watched Rurouni Kenshin and Ken Watanabe’s Hayabusa, but not SB. Grumble grumble…

    1. Sou? Too bad. I even tried to watch Thermae Romae (but, I don’t think it’s ethical to watch something about “bath” on a flight, right?lol).
      I think SB was available around June.
      I know u r Indonesian. I’ve read your blog (incl. the professional one).

  3. June? Ah well… June I dont think I took any GA flights. Sigh. Hoping for the Eng sub soon then.
    You’re not an ID then? It doesn’t matter who you are, really. Just curious, cos not many foreigners would take the route to Manado, unless they’re expats working on international NGOs or UN bodies here.
    (wait, you don’t have to answer it here. It’s supposed to be a secret blog of yours anyway…)

  4. He’s so adorably cute n’ talented, I was bored while ago and decided to watch the movie called ‘I give my first love to you’ and I was like who is this takuma guy, the way he smile is so way sincerely breath taking, honestly the way he looks is so down to earth… Oh boy… been checking all of his movies n’ drama.. But sadly many are not in English sub, thanks sakuramoc…. ^_^

    1. Wow! you’ve seen all of his works? Amazing!
      I agree that he’s so cute. He’s also given various roles lately. Though it hurts me when he played villain, he becomes better and better actor.

  5. Does he get his nose done? Anyway, hes cute really… and wow with his height and his cute face, hes rare dude! Usually a boy his height tends to have more masculine face..

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