Kinomoto Minehiro

6475608895_e52161da3d_z| Liveaction dorama: Saezae san
| Liveaction movie : Messiah, 009-1: The End of the Beginning
| Liveaction stage :
| Blog: Minehiro Kinomoto Official Blog

Terui Ryu, the cool policeman, is what comes in my mind every time somebody call Minehiro. Well, his name is quiet hard to spell for me. Kinomoto Minehiro. Ah.He was born in Otsu, Shiga perfectur, on November 22 1989. Despite of his age, he looked perfectly fit the role of cold kamen rider. Well,lately he’s been taking high schooler roles, but I found him too old for those. lol

This 175 cm tall guy loves book.



  • Tokyo DAYS (2016)
  • Shinshin no Yakusoku 星々の約束 (2016)
  • Mother Lake『マザーレイク』(2016)
  • はたちのクズ – Hatachi no Kuzu (2014) | check the movie blog here
  • 009-1: The End of the Beginning (2013) – Chrismovielosophy-2014-06-08-03h56m34s23 movielosophy-2014-06-08-03h57m27s40 movielosophy-2014-06-08-03h57m45s221 movielosophy-2014-06-08-04h00m44s220
  • Ikenie no Jirenma (2013) – Hiyama Hiroki

    source: Asianwiki
  • Missing (Yukuefume) (2012) – Nobuta Sho

    source: Asianwiki
    source: Asianwiki
  • Gaku dori (2011)
taken from keep in smile

Taken from inoue_masahiro
  • A bed: hatachi no Koi (2011)



  • Misoka meidjiza osameru-sai 晦日明治座納め・る祭
  • 僕等の図書室3 (2014.05.03~06)


2014 “Mine” first photo book


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