Kimijima Asaya

 Full name Asaya Kimijima
 Nickname Kimiji
 Live action dorama  Tokyo Tararema Musume
 Live action movie Soul of Rock, Ushijima Loan Shark 2
 Live action stageplay: –
 blog ambient

It was already 1 year passed since Kamen Rider OOO aired that I tried to watch it. The show is amazing. That’s where I saw Kimiji for the first time. Wore suit like Shotaro, he looked so cute. His character’s name is Gotou Shintaro, an anti-hero who later turns into Kamen Rider Birth. I think this role fits him as he’s the A type blood guy. However, he looks so small among other cast members ( Date-san & Eiji), even though he’s 176 cm tall.

Kimiji was born on September 8, 1987, in Kanagawa. He’s originally a model in a various magazine and currently works under Stardust Promotion. Kimiji has also released his own photo book called “Asaya Kimijima Style”.

kyaaa! like a pet

But, how is Kimiji at home?

Let’s check out the blog. I gather some information from his blog and fans blogs about his lifestyle. Like any other boys, he defines his room as a disorder (instead of dirty). lol.  He has a bunch of CDs, DVDs, Books, Magazines, clothes, shoes, instruments and stock of beer all over his room. Instead of working on the desk, he needs to do the job on the bed. lol.

Yes, you did read instruments. Apparently, our dear Kimiji is playing guitar. He has this acoustic one in his room. He’s currently using iPhone and often blogs from it. He’s a fan of The God Father, The Brown Bunny (2003), reservoir dogs (1992* how old r you, baby? lol*)  and Million Dollar Baby (2004). He has Radiohead’s The King of Limbs (2011). He’s also a fan of  John Frusciante (ex RHCP), Elliot Smith, the Beatles, and Blankey Jet City.

From Asaya Kimijima Style Photobook

I think because he’s a model, he leads stylish life. He has dozens of boots, hats (various type), and glasses. Il Bisconte is one of his favorite brands. He also wears necklace and bracelet. He also designs apparel and eyewear. wow

And what I hate the most is that he loves timtam, but he manages to get that slender body. Ahhhhhhhhh
From Asaya Kimijima x Smooch

Is it only me, but he does resemble Masanobu Ando???? His hair, his slender body, his lips. Lol. He just hasn’t been psycho killer in any movie yet. But, he was in Beatrock Love as a visual key band member. You have to see him there. So hilarious!! Lol

I hope I can see him in another drama or movies in the future.

Date x Gotou



  • Tokyo Tarareba Musume (2017, ep6) – Mami-chan’s boyfriend
  • Budokan (2016, ep4) – Hair stylistmovielosophy-2016-05-14-19h12m50s338movielosophy-2016-05-14-19h12m56s889movielosophy-2016-05-14-19h13m24s746movielosophy-2016-05-14-19h13m25s925
  • Konkatsu Deka (2015, ep8) – drug dealermovielosophy-2015-08-22-19h09m29s996 movielosophy-2015-08-22-19h09m35s833
  • 「なら婚」(2014.05.21)
  • Hakuba no Oujisama (2014, eps 4)
  • Namonaki Doku (2014)
  • Sennyu Tantei Tokage (2013) as Miyama Hayato
  • Vampire Heaven (2013) – vampire




2015 Panasonic Bar Off & Caremovielosophy-2015-08-23-13h17m06s635

2013 Kalbe Kansai Potato

kalbe potato

2012 Jack Jeansjeans



  • Moumon – Winter Fall (2015)movielosophy-2015-08-23-13h17m45s598 movielosophy-2015-08-23-13h17m54s878 movielosophy-2015-08-23-13h18m04s848
  • Ano Machi Record ~ Indigo La End (2014) – modelA
  • “Sayonara Subarashi Sekai” ~ Indigo La End (2012) – model

machi2010 Reverse/RE:birth~ Date Akira x Gotou Shintaro (C.V. Iwanaga Hiroaki x Kimijima Asaya).


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