Kaneko Nobuaki

Live Action movie  : Crows Zero 2
Live Action dorama: Bee bop High School, Glass no Kamen, Bartender, QP, Kuu Neru Futari Sumu Futari, Haburashi
Official web: Kaneko Nobuaki

Kaneko Nobuaki is originally a drummer. He was born in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo at June 5th 1981 and currently working in a band called RIZE. It’s a heav metal one and not my style. But, the 178 cm tall guy is also have talent in acting. I started to pay attention for him since Crows Zero II when he played Hosen Gakuen’s boss, Narumi Taiga. He has that naughty look so that he keeps playing bad guy. I like it. His first dorama work was Buzzer Beat. It was the first time I recognize that he has some strong cool aura with him. Lol. Buzzer Beat may be his turning point when he started to stepped on acting world.  He started to show on many doramas/movies, though never play the leading role. On 2013, Kaneko is assigned as MC for Japan’s MTV Music Award where he’d be pairing with Maeda Atsuko.Nj87xlL


On March 05 2014, Kaneko announces his marriage. He doesn’t mention the partner’s name, but states that she’s a good person.

kaneko marriage announcement
taken from Kaneko Nobuaki web


  • Haburashi/Onna Tomodachi (2016) – Nada Takashi
  • Gakkou no Kaidan (2015) – Tsuboi Toma

gakkou no kaidan


  • Kuu Neru Futari Sumu Futari (2014) – Non
  • Gunshi Kanbee (NHK / 2014) – Sakyonoshin Kushihashi


  • Tokyo Bandwagon (NTV / 2013) – Kon (Ao’s brother)

TokyoBandwagon_01 TokyoBandwagon_03 TokyoBandwagon_05

  • LINK (2013)


  • I Love You (UULA / 2013) – Togashi (Ep.1 “Toumei Pora Bea”)
  • Saijo no Propose | Saijo no Puropozu (BeeTV / 2013) – (ep.2 “Iris”)
  • Lady Joker (2013) – Matsudo Youkichi



  • QP  (2011) – Tom

  • Piece Vote (2011)


Nobuaki Kaneko


  • Shodo girls-watashitachi no koshien (2010)
courtesy of Asian Media wiki



2 thoughts on “Kaneko Nobuaki

    1. ah, Nana san..I just watch Samurai High School. And he’s not mean. He was a yankee, that’s why he likes to yell. But, he’s a good policeman. If only there was a policeman like him around my neighborhood……..^.^

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