Horii Arata

Nickname  Arata, Ara chan
Live action movie Zutaboro
Live action dorama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011, Houkago wa Mystery to tomoni, Sugarless, Koibumi Biyori, GTO 2014, Itazura Na Kiss 2, Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku, Shitamachi Rocket
Live action musical –
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He’s mostly known as his part in idol group, D-Date. He joined the group in 2010 along with his senior actors in D-Boys: Setomaru, Araki Hirofumi and Igarashi Shunji (Later, Ig resigned from WE and the group left as 4 people: Setomaru, Araki, Arata & Yanagishita Tomo). Arata was chosen among 30,000 applicants through 2010 D-BOYS Audition.

from DUET, January 2012
From JUNON magazine

Arata was born in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo, on June 26, 1992. Being the youngest in D Date, he stands 176 cm tall and has a built body. 

Aha, Arata gets along very well with other member, especially Setomaru whom he thought as big brother. Arata really appreciates that he has been helping him a lot in this entertainment world. Even though Setomaru loves to bully him, he now gets great strategy to stop the senpai. Ara-chan just need to hold Setomaru  just to shut him. lol.

Ara chan starts aiming to become actor after seeing Tsumabuki Satoshi’s Waterboys. He thinks that one could never re-experience high school time over and over, unless he became an actor.

from Ray Magazine, February 2012
From Girls e magazine, August 2011 (raw scanned by hudie.com)

He has fresh young aura. He’s active and he’s a good runner, too. Still, he finds it hard to gather confidence and often being negative whenever he’s alone/at home.


  • Sego-don (NHK / 2018) –  Murata Shinpachi
  • 3 Papas | Sannin no Papa (TBS / 2017) –  Hirabayashi Takuto
  • Kirawareru Yuuki (2017, ep6)
  • Kawauso (川獺(かわうそ),2016, SP)- Matsura Tomotsu
  • Keishicho Zero Gakari (2016)
  • Shitamachi Rocket (2015)movielosophy-2015-12-13-17h13m36s349
  • Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku (2015, eps 2) – Kujirai Ruka



  • Omotesando Koukou Gasshoubu! (2015) – Sakuraba Daisuke

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  • Itazura Na Kiss 2 (2014) – Kamogari Keita


  • Massan (2014-2015)- Kazuma

massan week 16_Ara chan massan week 16_Ara chan0 massan week 16_Ara chan2

  • Kogure Shashinkan (2013) – Tenkou











  • Aozora no Yell (2016) – Kido Yasushi
  • Zutaboro (2015)


  • First Date [ 2012.04.25]


  • [2010.12.01] Ato 1cm no Mirai (あと1㎝のミライ)

  • [2011.04.06] CHANGE my LIFE


  • Natsudoko 2011


  • 2016 Kazoku no Kiso 家族の基礎~大道寺家の人々~
  • 2012 August Dste: COOL no Tanjou as Kitashima Kazuya


  •  奇跡体験!アンビリバボ (2012.01.26)

The boys were doing yoga.While Setomaru and Horii kun paid full instruction to the yoga master, Shun san was busy making silly poses. lol


11 thoughts on “Horii Arata

    1. welcome to the club, teckecodon 🙂
      There are so many things I wanna know about him, yet so little information around.

  1. Woowww another fans of Arachan~ XDD
    I wanna make a friendship with Arachan’s fans~ where are you from anyway? (^^)
    Lets spread Arachan’s kawaiiness to the people all around the world~ XDDD

    1. Thank you for visiting, Rizki san. Can’t help it, Arata is so cute and funny. And I enjoy to see him being bullied by his sempais. Lol. I hope he appeared in more dramas in the future.

  2. I saw Horii Arata the first time when I watched “Itazura na Kiss 2”. And I’ve immediatetly felt in love with this cute guy! It’s very difficult to find information about Arata-chan T^T It seem like there is no Arata’s worldwide fanpage. It’s driving me crazy =))) It’s very nice to see your page ♥♥♥

  3. Hi,

    I only wanted to add that D-Date isn´t an idol group, it´s a band or music group. Because it really would be nice if this important difference would be noted.

  4. Finally I found this page about Arata, thank you so much for this post, it will become important thing for fans of Arata. Nice to meet you ^^. I’m from Indonesia :).

  5. After i saw him at Itazura na kiss 2, i started to stalk him. Though im just his new fan i want to learn about him at ur blog is so helpful. 😊

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