Daito Shunsuke

liveaction movie: Crows Zero, Crows Zero II, Ace Attourney, Ouran High School Host Club, Ace Attorney, Hentai Kamen, Dontei ni Warau
liveaction dorama: Hanazaki no Kimitachi e, Shibatora, Tumbling, Ouran High School Host Club
liveaction musical: Tumbling
instagram shunsuke daitoh

Shunsuke kun may be not a cute type of ikemen. I’d put him in the same box with Shun Oguri, a macho cool type. Well, probably because they’re friends, they share the same type. But, Shunsuke is admiring Narimiya Hiroki *Hmm, Shun Oguri and Nari are also great pairing*.

Born in March 13 1986, this guy currently working under ALC Atlantis agency *…never heard this one before*. He used to be in Top Coat until November 30, 2011. He stands 182 cm tall and quite meticulous person, probably because he’s the A blood type guy. He’s the only child in the family and enjoy cooking, listening to music, watching movies, collecting tennis shoes, and updating his blog . He is a proud  Osaka man who often speak in Osakaben (Osaka dialect).

He gets along with Masa as they played Tumbling Stage together. He posted in his blog a picture of him and Masa, that both are in the same age but in teacher-student relation. lol. It’s quite funny considering that they both were the same grad in the dorama, but in the Stage version Shunsuke played Masa’s new homeroom teacher.

My first encounter with Shunsuke was in Nobuta where he played Tani. Remember? He was the one who got beaten on the way to school and ignored by Shuuji. His face hasn’t change for all these year. lol.

Shunsuke kun has tried various roles, too. Well, a yankee suits him, but I also like his cute prince like character in First Kiss and Ouran. He hasn’t got his first leading role yet, but I believe it won’t be long till we saw his name on top.

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movielosophy-2013-10-01-14h48m23s206movielosophy-2013-10-01-14h47m05s188movielosophy-2013-10-01-14h47m31s195 movielosophy-2013-10-01-14h47m34s226 movielosophy-2013-10-01-14h45m50s209


  • LADY~Saigo no Hanzai Profile~ (TBS, 2011, ep3)

  • Niji no mukuo e (2010, beeTV)

  • Tumbling (TBS, 2010) – Kiyama Ryuchiro

  • Love Shuffle (TBS, 2009, ep4) – Yoji

  • Suspicion | Giwaku (2009, SP)
  • RESCUE (TBS, 2009)

  • Ryokiteki na Kanojo (TBS, 2008, ep6-9)


  • Tabidachi: Ashoro Yori (2008)
  • Real Onigokko (2007)Real Onigokko_IshidaDaito
  • Crows ZERO (2007)



2015 SUKATTO JAPAN (2015.10.12)movielosophy-2015-10-16-09h22m22s539





2008 PV Ima demo Zutto~ Yuta Ito feat. Spontania

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