Baba Tooru

ba chonFull name Toru Baba or Tooru Baba
Nick name Bachon
official site lotus root
fanclub site baba-toru
Twitter  @baba_toru
Live Action Movie  Ren, Tonari no 801 chan
Live Action Dorama Shinigami no Ballad, Ouroboros, Bakabon no Papa yori Bakana Papa
Live Action Musical Musical Tennis no Oujisama, Persona 4, Tumbling 3

Toru Baba belonged to PureBoys, a boy band started by blog campaign. Though the members come from different agency, they work together very well and receive huge welcome from many fans. Ba chon, that’s how fans call him, graduated from PureBoys since 2009.

The Last Princess

He’s widely known for his role as Rikkai’s Yagyu on Musical Tennis no Oujisama. After the performance, Ba-chon and Masa (the cast for Yagyu’s partner, Nioh) continue making friendship. He even invited Masa to have dinner with his family.


Yeah, they looks good together

Ba-chon was born in Tokyo at June 17th 1988. He’s currently working under Sunaoka Office.


with Ouji

The 180 cm height guy is also contributing in:


  • Bakabon no Papa yori Bakana Papa (2018)
  • The Sniffer (SP, 2018)
  • Oh My Jump (TV Tokyo / 2018) – Kurozuka Asahi
  • 99.9 Criminal Lawyer Season II | 99.9-Keiji Senmon Bengoshi-Season II (TBS / 2018) – Ochiai Yohei
  • The Sniffer (2016)bachon
  • 99.9: Keiji Senmon Bengoshi (2016) – Ochiai Yoheiba-chonmovielosophy-2016-04-20-16h01m22s760movielosophy-2016-04-20-16h08m42s218
  • MOZU spinoff: Ohsugi Tantei Jimusho – Utsukushiki Hyoteki Hen (2015) – Maejima
  • Shokatsu Damashi (2015.09.20, SP)



  • Mutsu : Mieru Me (2015) – detectivemovielosophy-MutsuBachon2 movielosophy-MutsuBachon1
  • Ouroboros (2015)ba chon3 ba chon2 ba chon
  • Yo ni mo Kimyouna Monogatari Aki no Tokubetsu-hen (2014.10.18, SP) – Kento



  • Wakamono Tachi (2014) – Utsumimovielosophy-2014-07-12-11h35m55s176
  • Roosevelt Game (2014) – Manda





  • Kyōkō-han-gakari Uozumi Hisae ~ Dolce 2 (2013.11.15)



  • DOLCE (10.12.2012, SP)
  • Fallen Angel (2012, eps 6)

  • Ren’ai Shindan ~Sayonara no Melody~ (TV Tokyo, 2007,ep. 4-6)
  • Shinigami no Ballad (TV Tokyo, 2007, eps 3) – Suzuki Shunsuke
  • Top Caster (Fuji TV, 2006, eps 8) –
  • Yoshitsune (NHK, 2005) – guest
  • Orange Days (TBS, 2004)
  • Kirarin Revolution (ep.129)



Vampire Stories’s Event Footage

  • Keitai Kanojo (2011) – Murasemovielosophy-2013-10-01-20h44m46s20 movielosophy-2013-10-01-20h44m11s178 movielosophy-2013-10-01-20h44m06s124 movielosophy-2013-10-01-20h44m00s68
  • Cafe Daikanyama III: Sorezore no Ashita (2009)

  • Hana Guerilla (2009)
  • Cafe Daikanyama II (2008)

  • Kizumomo (2008)
  • Twilight Syndrome: Dead Go Round (2008)
  • Ren (2008)
  • Cafe Daikanyama: Sweet Boys (2008)
  • Moso Shojo Otaku Kei (2007)
  • Boys Love The Movie (2007)


  • Romeo & Juliet (2017) – Benvolio (W Cast)
  • Tsuka Kouhei 7th Death Anniversary – Intai-ya Lily (2016.02.10~03.07)

    Taken from Nikkann-Engekijin
  • Tsuka Kouhei Doubles 「つかこうへいダブルス」 (2014.08.29) – Deep Yamazaki ディープ山崎bakumatsu cover

    Taken from rup
    Taken from rup
  • Atami Satsujin jiken Battle Royale 「熱海殺人事件 Battle Royal」 (2014.02.05 ~ 2014.03.04)

Atami BR castatamiBR2

Taken from

Taken from

Taken from

Taken from


  • Atami Satsujin Jiken (February- March 2013) – detective Kimura

atami satsuji jiken

  • Tumbling Vol 3 ( August 8 2012)

    Taken from Tomoaday

Taken from tumblr

from Watanabe pro footage: Ba chon & Tomo’s birthdays are in the same month.

  • Persona 4  (2012) – Hero


Taken from leefubuki
  • Blue Fairy & Pinocchio (July 5-8 2012)
  • Samurai 7 as Katsushiro ( April 2012)
  • Spinning Live Show with Masa. It’s a jazzdance show where Tooru & Masa sing & dancing. ~July 2011

Raw provided by tsetsua

*Thank you tsetsua for sharing the scans of Toru’s Spinning Box. Be sure to check her tumblr, people. Lots of ikemen waiting for you*

  • Hiryuden 2010: Last Princess
  • Prince of Tennis Musical – Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku Chuu ~first service~ as Yagyuu Hiroshi
  • Prince of Tennis Musical – Dream Live 4th as Yagyuu Hiroshi
  • Prince of Tennis Musical – Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku Chuu ~second service~ – Yagyuu Hiroshi
  • 7Cheers!~Tobe! Jibun To Iu Daichi Kara~ [with PureBOYS]
  • Prince of Tennis Musical – The Progressive Match Higa Chuu feat Rikkai as Yagyuu Hiroshi


  • Herbie Live Talk DVD Vol 4 (Studiowarp, released July 17, 2007)
  • Natural Face Vol 2 (Studiowarp, released Jan 25, 2008)
  • Natural Face Vol 5 (Studiowarp, released March 10, 2008)
  • Natural Face Vol 9 (Studiowarp, released April 25, 2008)
  • Whitecube Vol 1 (Studiowarp, released April 30, 2008)
  • Flying High (PONY CANYON, released Feb 20, 2008)



  • Best Actor Series 008 – Nakagauchi Masataka as Niou Masaharu and Baba Tooru as Yagyuu Hiroshi (2007)
  • “Kampai Je T’aime” (2007) [with PureBOYS]
  • Drama CD “Drug-On Dragon” (2007)
  • “Kimi no Te / Psyche na Heart” (2007) [with PureBOYS]
  • “CAUTION” (2009) [with PureBOYS]


  • Ambitious Vol 1 (Studiowarp, released June 25, 2008)
  • Baba~nzu Style (Studiowarp, released July 17, 2008)
  • Baba~nzu Style- The Other Cut (Studiowarp, released November 25, 2007)
  • PureBOYS 1st photo collection (Goma Books, released November 16, 2007)
  • Meng (Fusosha, released March 19, 2008)

[Radio Show]

morning show in Livenico with Kanesaki Kentaro and Ono Kento


  • Nivea Face Eight-Four
  • TV Saitama Mitsui Housing

[PV model]

  • Rake’s Futari hitotsu
  • Rake’s I love you-100 万 times(2011)

45 thoughts on “Baba Tooru

  1. I saw only three pictures with that and Toru look great ;] On youtube is soundtrack with that show. Toru danced to Michael Jackson’s song must be great XD

    1. I bet he is! I hope his popularity keeps growing each day and I’d see him on dorama more and more.

  2. Me too! He plaied many roles on various stage, but this stage not com to DVD and no one have is 😦 I found only Vampire Story with him, but stage (besides Tenimyu) never 😦

          1. On lj is Vampire Stories with Tomo making, and on official site is trailer Toru’s part, at last in good quality 🙂 I have a few photos with magazine before Spin box, if you want 😉

        1. I know how hard it is. Hhaa, I hope we can see him more and more on screen. I hope he gets his main role soon.

          1. HOW COME? He’s very sexy and nicely paired with Masa! I think I should repeat Tenimyu, too. Just missing him so much.

  3. seems like Ba-chon will appear from the 2nd half of dorama.The title reminds me of Ikuta Toma’s movie. But, this one is kinda dark, just like Clone Baby.

    haven’t found the DL yet

      1. According to the official site, Ba chon’s part comes in the middle of the series. Well, I haven’t seen it yet, since the DVD will be released on June 2012.

  4. Great profile!

    Btw Baba’s in ep 6 of Fallen Angel with Masa!

    And also, he’s not part of PureBoys anymore

    1. Thank you. actually, I found the link, but can’t download it from my country. Will try another method to seize Fallen Angel.

          1. Thank you! Well it looks like I can download it but the dl keeps crashing after a few mbs… Maybe it’s just my connection.. might try again another time =o=

          2. I could finally download it!! After about 8 tries XD Is there a way to PM on wordpress? I could upload a mirror for you and send you the link then delete it afterwards.

          3. It’s in my sent items so maybe it’s in your junk? I’ll try to send it again.

          4. Thank you, Joyce san. I found your mail. Please leave the part 002 since I’ve not able to dw it yet. Will try again later.
            My first impression is that this drama is beautifully taken. Can’t wait to take snapshots of Ba-chon & Masa (guess they’ll be in that 002 part).

    1. dear Lilien san,
      I’d be more than happy to share the link, but just to be polite to this uploader (by the way, her name is Joyce), let’s just wait for her permission first. If we got no response by tomorrow, you’ll get surprise in your inbox. how’s that?

      ~ sakuramochi

    1. Bachon plays detective, right? it was aired on 9 pm Friday, Oct 12 2012. The rating is 11.3%.
      Been looking for the ddl, but haven’t found one.

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