Atsushi Arai

Liveaction movie: MESSIAH, Aku no Kyoten, Zutaboro, Sanada Juyushi
Liveaction dorama: Tumbling, Aku no Kyoten SP, GTO 2014
Liveaction musical: –
Official page: Atsushi Arai
blog : Arai Atsushi

Yup, I decided to put Arai kun on list after seeing his Messiah. Well, he’s cute. I never really know D2 members, since there are so many of them. I can only mention fontone or two members of D-Boys *pathetic?*. Anyway, I hope I’ll be able to record this boy’s career here, cause I believe he’d be something big someday.

Taken from Momichisei

Atsushi Arai was born in born May 23, 1993. He was finalist for Junon 21st Super Boy contest. In that show DVD, Arai kun said that his hobby is sleeping *Yup, we have something in common, baby*. He admires Mizobata Junpei & Miura Shohei *Another things we have in common. lol*

Arai said that his father was very strict against his career. He didn’t like it, but after seeing the son on stage, he begins to supporting the dream. Yokatta nee, Arai kun.

He plays drum. He shows the ability in VERSUS DVD and Natsudoko 2012. I hope they make album of it someday.

Though he suits the cool character, he’s actually a timid person who often indecisive. That’s his childish part anyway. He’d be nervous over things, but Thank God, the other members are good supporter. He also closes to Akutsu Shintaro. It’s very weird to see them together considering that Akutsu is an awkward cool person. lol.

scanned by shattered tenshi


taken from news lounge net

  • Kyokuchu (2012)
taken from kyokuchu official website


  • Warau Makineko (2017) – Ooshima YujiWarau_Manekineko-p1
  • Kamisama no Wadachi: Checkpoint of the Life (2017) – Yuri SasaokaKamisama_no_Wadachi-_Checkpoint_of_the_Life-tp
  • Sanada 10 Braves | Sanada Juyushi (2016) – Isa Miyoshitumblr_on5yualcfm1qkcxtwo2_400tumblr_on5yualcfm1qkcxtwo1_400
  • Kiri: Shokugyo Koroshiya (2015) – Kei
  • Nou Shou Sakuretsu Girl (2015) – Daiji Kubogatumblr_nzxcdnga6t1qkcxtwo5_500
  • Zutaboro (2015) – Yakko
  • Kotokotokotoko |コトコトコトコ (2014.02.28)
  • Gachiban Chronicle | 「ガチバン クロニクル」(2014) – Reo
  • Breed in 10 hours (2014, directed by Shirota Yu)movielosophy-2014-03-03-17h46m37s136 movielosophy-2014-03-03-17h47m08s189
  • Gachiban Supremacy 2 (2013) – Reogachiban supremacy2
  • Aku no Kyoten (2012) – Kato Takuto
  • Gachiban Tribal (2012) – Reo
  • Gachiban Worst Max (2012) – Reo
  • Real Oni Gokko 4 (2012) – Masaharu

  • MESSIAH (2011) – Kaido Eiri
  • Pole Dancing Boys (2011)



taken from high school kageki official

  • 2010.08.05 Last Game (Dboys Stage)
  • 2010.07.02~11 Hanaoni


2013 Gainax x ikemen eps 11

Taken from Gainax
Taken from Gainax


  • 2015 7 Days Boys7days_dboys2
  • 2012 Trump (d2 stage)
  • 2012 Harudoko
  • 2011 Harudoko
  • 2011 D2 no Meshi Tomo! DVD Box (DVD) (First Press Limited Edition) (Japan Version)
  • 2011 Deitsunomeshitomo2 oosakahen
  • 2011″ VERSUS”~ Arai-Akutsu


2013.01 starts D2 All Night Nippon D2のオールナイトニッポンモバイル-こちらD2探偵社-



5 thoughts on “Atsushi Arai

  1. why you didn’t post all about D2.maybe it’s hard for you because D2 have 16 member.but they all very funny and also good actor.and cute too like yukito nishii,yamaguchi kenki (papa),mitsuya ryo (mama),arai atsushi,akutsu shintaro,sho jiñnai and etc.i love all of them.especialy yukito nishii.he’s göod actor,cute,and very talented.
    you must try visit them on watanabe blog.

    1. It would take a lot of work and I’m still unfamiliar with I’ve seen them on Tenimyu 2nd season, though. And yup, I think Yukito deserves a page since he was Ciel Phantomhive and he appeared in a lot of dramas *I try to put actors who had been given live action role for priority here*.
      I take your suggestion in consideration. Thank you for the tip.


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