Otaku Ethics

More and more manga are available through the net creating easy source for fans all over the world to access it. It’s true that we’re living in an era of downloading and uploading.
I spend every single day downloading various manga spread around the net.
Since it so easy to share, it’s sounds rational to keep ethic of sharing. Most of these ethics are understandable among otaku, so if I can restate it again, those are:
1. Sharing is caring
Sharing is good. When you download by torrent/limewire, keeps open your window torrent so that other people can get it too. Seeding is important to get the sharing fast.
At the same time, some manga/anime are licensed, so we have to stop the uploading & downloading activities, otherwise you’ll get harsh punishment.
There are also sites stated that their stuffs may not be re-upload, please respect that *you can always tell your friend to go to that site, right?*
2. Don’t forget the credit
When taking pieces from the net, don’t forget to bring out the mastermind’s name. Forget the credit and claims it as yours is so lame.
3. Buy the original version if it’s available in your country.
Well, I’m downloading manga from the net because many of them are not sold in my town. But, whenever its available, I bought my favorite.
That’s the way we respect and support the mangaka.
4. Compliments
You know when you browse and found great stuff on someone’s blog, take some time to write simple comment. Compliment is necessary to show gratitude after taking.
Hey, I have  a blog too, though never expected much about comments, I can’t help but feeling happy when someone write nice things (may be 1 or 2 lines) below my post.
Be generous, you might end up finding new friend!
Saa, otaku minna san, let’s enjoy this sharing world!

What do you think?

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