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The one who always agree with whatever other says will be in the lowest position of food chain. A creature that exists to be eaten”~Matsurika, about Kanako

Since hearing her parents love story, Kanako decides to move to her mother’s old school, Ame no Kisaki. But, on her first day, she meets a boy who wears girl’s uniform. And moreover, he’s totally cute! That boy name is Shido Mariya. From the day onward, he treats Kanako like a pet. He makes Kanako swear never reveal his true identity. He even kicks away Kanako’s  roommate, Ryuuken senpai, and moves to that room. Aaah…Kanako’s bullied. She can’t resist it. She’s weak in front of cuties.

There are many kinds of people, right? And the weak always attract the strong, whether they would protect her or bully her. Some women find it best to attract male (or masculine woman in this story) by trying to look fragile. How stupid. No, if I were Kanako’s friend, I would be worried and disturbed for her incompetent acts. In fact, in real life, I always avoid people like that. They make me sick.

Anyway, this story is considered to be yuri. Don’t you think that surrounding affect your way of thinking? Straight girl could be lesbian when she’s in this all-girl boarding school. They have less option. It’s like fish in a tank, it never know that there are many other fishes outside it.

From the point of yuri fan, this manga is well developed. The background is clear and the plot flows in time. But, it’s still not my taste!

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Haru Yo Koi

Takashi is suddenly has 2 freeloaders in his apartment. One is his sister, Mafuyu who was expelled from the school due to her lesbian romantic action. And the other is Sae, Mafuyu’s girl friend who chased her all the way to Tokyo so that they can be together.

Having his sister with her sexual activity does make annoyance for him, but the most important thing is he’s looking for love too.

This is the story about man and women who are looking for love. There are many explicit contents, so I think this one should be read by 18+. If you see the art, it might remind you to Love Hina. Yup, Kaori Saki sensei is also the one who drew that manga.

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