Giant Killing

Tatsumi is a traitor. At least that’s what everybody think. After pushing ETU (East Tokyo United) to the top, he left the club abroad. ETU lost its strength and fell to division 2.

Tatsumi become soccer coach in an amateur club in England. It’s a super weak club, but he manages to take them to challenge club from Premiere League. That sort of Giant Killing is impossible, but Tatsumi makes it real. The city is awakened to soccer and the air is full with spirit.

Now, after years, ETU’s GM & manager find him to drag him back. Tatsumi is the only one who can save ETU from degradation. What can he do among the team mates & supporters that hate him? Will he awakened ETU to perform another Giant Killing in its history?

I downloaded the anime last year. I never thought that it came from manga. The manga itself has just available in my country last month.

The art is awful, something you can expect from guy’s scribbling. The theme is popular and nothing’s new. The idea is quite similar with Last Inning, right?


*summary, no group scan the whole series. *

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Otowa Ryuuichi (15) always want to be a strong boy. It’s all because he’s rejected by a girl at the graduation day. She prefers stronger person, instead.

When Ryuuichi’s mother hear his wish, she invites a Karate master named Iwao Kiryu. He takes him to a dorm where Ryuuichi meets 5 other boys who’d learn Karater from the old man. might not able to hold up the hard train. But, when he saw Katsushika and the old man sparring, he feels some kind of sensation inside. Could he be that strong someday?

I don’t like the drawing. it’s like lame shojo manga. lol. However, the plot is efficient and quite interesting. But, I rather read Kotaro.ha ha

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Harutaka Kato is a fresh meat with numerous sport records. He has been in many clubs before, but never consistent doing particular sport. Now, on his first year at high school, many clubs try to invite him. yeah, he gets so many offers and gifts as well.

When Hisataka meets that cute volley ball manager, Maiko, he once again thinks that he’s needed. Maiko asks him to join the team after seeing his powerful jump. Maiko says that the club really need him as Super Ace. However, the team already have Kaneko Yuta, the genius setter. Harutaka becomes jealous because of lack of attention. He challenges Yuta and ends by his lost. The consequence is that he has to stay at volleyball club for the rest of his school day.

It’s funny and interesting. I just read the 3rd volume and I think I’ll be reading it till the end (10th volume).

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Junjou Karen na Oretachi da!

What I am today is because you’re here

Akira and Katta have been longin to find their place in volley. They’re strong, but nobody seems to let them expose the power. They just saw them as naughty and rebellious kids. That’s why they’ll be graduating without any recommendation letter.

But, it doesn’t matter. Akira and Katta can find their own place. First, they try to enter Seiryoh. It’s one of the 4 strongest team in the nation. Akira’s stubborn and Katta’s lack of  emotional restrain don’t fit the team. They are kicked right away.

Akira and Katta, then, choose Johnan, a governmental school club which succeed tackling Seiryoh last year. But, what welcome them here? The team is full of desperate people who had been defeated for 34 times in a row. That’s  sad. But, Akira and Katta are sure they can change everything. However, they have to get along with the rest of team first. Can they do it? Will they find their perfect place?

I love Nishiyama sensei’s work, but this one is too short. Only 3 volumes length. Too bad, she can explore more about this like the way she worked on Dragon Voice.

Download is available at Doko Demo Doa Manga Scanlation

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Badminton Girl

badmintonAsahi is in dilemma. She’s not good at neither sport nor team work. She tried joining volleyball team, but it seems that her pace disturbs others. Umi, her best friend, asks her to join badminton club. Asahi hesitates, thinking that she might cause trouble to other members. But, during a match when Asahi asked to substitute the sick member, she shows good talent. The coach thinks she could be a good player, and he’s right. It’s only a month away and now she can challenge Hayakaze Gakuen. Realizing Asahi’s rapid development, Umi is challenged and willing to work harder to improver her skill.

What a great friendship if you can encourage each other to be better and better. The story is so so, though I was hoping some love scenes, but it’s only about badminton. In fact, the friendship smells yuri, as well! hiiiii! Asabuki sensei may have to try mixing many aspects in her future works.

This project is available for download at divine sanctuary and Solelo. Imangascan also doing this project.

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Mr. Fullswing


fullswingThe pervert and stupid boy, Amakuni Saruno, can only gain trouble with his big mouth. He tells Nagi, a cute girl from baseball club, that he used to be a great athlete at his school. Nagi asks him to join the club. But, their club is very strong so the coach gives test for new applicants. First, they need to throw bullet ball for at least 10 m. Wow, it’s not a distance normal people can bear. But, Saruno can throw the ball even further. Well, he really caught the coach attention now. Even so, he’s just an idiot with muscles, right?

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