Black Bullet

| Release: 2012 | Mangaka: Kanzaki Shiden & Morino Hon | Status: ongoing In the year of 2021, mankind's life is ruined by Alien creature, Gastrea. It comes in form of virus, which infected human through blood and turns the person into monstrous appearance, Gastrea. Thus, the people who's authority to fight the gastrea is… Continue reading Black Bullet


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Kataribe no List

| Mangaka: Fujiya Izuco | Release: 2011 | Status: complete (6 volumes) Hiwatari Akitsune is supposed to be a great guy with great eyes for antiques if only he’s no ambition for life. He always procrastinates and looks sleepy all the time. One day, he accidentally switched his lunch bag with a girl in the train.… Continue reading Kataribe no List

Hentai Ouji to warawanai neko

Yokodera is the top student that has been prepared to be the track club’s next president. As the example member, he could never do lewd behaviors. That’s what people though. But, he’s actually just an ordinary boy. A teenager with the urge for some perverted thirsts. Even though he has huge amount of erotic hobbies,… Continue reading Hentai Ouji to warawanai neko