Handa kun

| Release: 2013
| Mangaka: Yoshino Satsuki
| Status: ongoing

Years ago, Handa-kun’s best friend, Kawaifuji lied to him by saying a girl is spreading bad rumours about him. Since then, Handa is afraid to deal with people. He puts thick wall around him avoiding people coming closer. The fact is far from his illusion. He’s popular because his face and his calligraphy talents. Girls try hard to talk to him, even pushes love letter to his locker, but all he think is that they’re hating him. Continue reading “Handa kun”


Black Bullet

| Release: 2012
| Mangaka: Kanzaki Shiden & Morino Hon
| Status: ongoing

In the year of 2021, mankind’s life is ruined by Alien creature, Gastrea. It comes in form of virus, which infected human through blood and turns the person into monstrous appearance, Gastrea.

Continue reading “Black Bullet”

QQ Sweeper

| Release: 2014
| Mangaka: Motomi Kyousuke
| Status: Ongoing

Horikita Kyutaro, who’s special ability is cleaning, found a girl sleeping in old school’s building. Her name is Nishioka Fumi, a homeless new transfer student. Fumi loves the place Kyutaro’s cleaned without knowing that it’s a special place. There she sees an old antique door and can’t help but trying to peek on… Continue reading “QQ Sweeper”


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Here in “Windmill” (that’s what they call Kushima High School), there are no elevator or escalator, if you’re aiming for the top you’ll have to climb up step by step using your own fists and legs. And this is where Shiiba Gaku goes. But he doesn’t come to learn, he comes to be the top. Despite of being over enthusiastic, he’s actually pretty weak and ends up being beaten by other guys. Will Shiiba ever get even any closer to the crown?

It’s a fight manga just like Crows Zero, Clover or Rokudenashi Blues. Despite of strong rough drawing, I love the plot. The comedy blends well in that masculine story, bringing each chara into their own complex.


vendetta (ch 1 is not available here)




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Kataribe no List

| Mangaka: Fujiya Izuco
| Release: 2011
| Status: complete (6 volumes)

Hiwatari Akitsune is supposed to be a great guy with great eyes for antiques if only he’s no ambition for life. He always procrastinates and looks sleepy all the time. One day, he accidentally switched his lunch bag with a girl in the train. He never knew that the girl, List, is magical tool collector. There are many powerful tools in the world that turn ordinary thing into magical life. Continue reading “Kataribe no List”

Hentai Ouji to warawanai neko

Yokodera is the top student that has been prepared to be the track club’s next president. As the example member, he could never do lewd behaviors. That’s what people though.

But, he’s actually just an ordinary boy. A teenager with the urge for some perverted thirsts. Even though he has huge amount of erotic hobbies, people always misunderstood him for doing good deeds *lucky him!*

So, one day, Yokodera decides to pray for Warawanai Neko to take away all misunderstood and bad hobbies. That day, he meets a girl who also wish to be seen better to anyone. Will their prayers granted? What does Warawanai Neko take in return?

I always hate childish drawing. These characters are so cute despite of being high school students. Uggh. But, it actually fits the ridiculous story. Can you imagine someone who does bad things but always labeled “good”? Yeah, it’s not fair. But, he’s super lucky,ha? I never read something like this before, so far it’s quite amusing.



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