Arcana Famiglia

| Mangaka: RURU
| Release: 2011
| Status: Complete (4 volumes)

The manga tells story about an organization who protect Regallo island. Wrapped in black suits, they use mystical power called Arcana. Each Arcana holder possesses different power allowed them to beat evil easily. Continue reading “Arcana Famiglia”


Ibara no Majutsushi

Ena is back to Sairung after deserted for 7 years. Nothing changed in this village.

The people still have prejudice toward medicine that they take medication as the work of evil. That’s why so many people left died without getting proper medical help.

Ena wants to change that. He approachers his old friend, Asagi, but the guy only has grudge to the landlord for letting his sister died 7 years ago. Alone, but Ena doesn’t give up that easily.


It’s about dream, strong willed and friendship. Allow me to point out the last one. Friendship is not always about the same idea, but understanding each other’s motives. It’s hard since we tend to see things in our own perspective.



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Blood Soul

Redlord Bradnias are real vampires. Along with his bodyguard Ashley Wolfgang Lihita, Red had been hunted by church for all their lives, they’re happily fight those hypocrites.

One day, when they make bloody contacts with The Church of Van Helsing, they encounter a courier girl who deliver a package for them. The girl, Haruka, ends becoming the connection between Red and his devoted ally, The Crimson Ether. It’s surely dangerous for her since the Van Helsing campire slayers are sniffing Red’s every move.

Red becomes more enthusiastic to find out that Azure is still alive. Who is Azure? What grudge does Red has towards him?


I feel like reading Nurarihyon no Mago when Red turns older as he covered by blood. Sounds similar? Well, at least the art is quite cool makes me wanna read it more and more.


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Bloody Monday: The Last Season

12 heads of nations are having gathering in Tokyo Neo Tower when Third-i realize that there has been irregularity on the tower’s security system.

Inside, people are threathened by a group of masked terrorist which refuse to release other hostages beside the nations’ leaders.

The tower itself is fully occupied by the secured system that only Falcon can crack it. This hacker is a reliably ally, but what happen if Falcon takes the role of the bad guy?

The series of genius hacker, Falcon, will be over in this last season. I hope this one will be turned into liveaction dorama or at least, movie!



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Umineko No Naku Koro ni

Ushiromiya family’s gathering turns into a tragedy. Battler Ushiromiya and his 10 other relatives spend the day at Rokkenjima. It’s been 6 years since they caught playing along. Things seem so different as they reached the island. First the shrine near harbor has disappeared, then no seagulls coming while they were supposed to fill the island with their sounds.

The head of Ushiromiya family, Kinzo, is one eccentric millionaire. After buying the island, he became obsessed with the Black Magic which became the famous urban legend in the area. He even tries to recall the notorious witch of Rokkenjima, Beatrice. Legend falls saying that on the stormy night, Lady Beatrice used to wander to find sacrifice. Kinzo uses the legend to set demonic battle involving slashing and killing to choose the one who will inherit all his fortune. The puzzle written under Beatrice’s painting is hillarious:

The nostalgic river of sweet fish that passes through my beloved hometown.

the ones that aim for the golden village, follow this and search for the key:

Going down the river, there is a village

search for the shore yhe two will tell you of

there, the key to the golden vollage sleeps

Ones who find the key,

should follow what’s written below

and travel to the golden village:

On the 1rst night, offer the 6 chosen by the key as sacrifice

on the 2nd night, the ones that remain will tear up the two who are close

on the 3rd night the ones that remain will praise my honorable name

on the 4th night, gouge the head and kill

on the 5th nigh, gouge the chest and kill

on the 6th night, gouge the stomach and kill

on the 7th night, gouge the knees and kill

on the 8th night, gouge the legs and kill

on the 9th night, the witch will revive and no one will survive

on the 10th night, the journey will be over

and you will have arrived at the village of gold.

Is this gold the same fortune Kinzo has been keeping out from his family eyes? Will somebody take the journey and revives the witch?

Uhh, this story’s art compositioning scares me from the beginning since there always expression like they’d been looking at dead people. It’s not cute at all and it starts the thriller too early. I think good story is the one who can flow you slowly from nice part to exciting scenes naturally and then pop into climax where you’re allowed to be scared, but here you’d get small heart attacks every 3 pages. Ahhh, it’s pretty tiring to read this.

This story is not for me. I’m so annoyed when I reached chapter 4. It’s probably for you the thriller lover?





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