Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru

| Mangaka: Aoki Kotomi
| First Published: 2009
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“The little things become less and less familiar”

Sakaguchi Shun was a popular boy in school. Along with Aki and his two other classmates, he makes a band that soon attracts great music producer, Takagi Soichiro. In two year, the band, CRUDE PLAY, turns into super popular band in the nation. But, Aki decided to withdraw from the band just right before their debut time. He supports CRUDE PLAY as lyricist and composer, and pushes the band into something more amazing. Continue reading “Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru”



chapter (s): 4

Hidaka Mika has been keeping her feeling to her violin teacher, Akizuki sensei. Sensei is a cool guy who play violin beautifully.Mika would do anything just to be with him, including missing the exam.

After 3 years study, she always find reason to avoid exam. This way, she could stay at the Beginner’s course he instructing. But, then, Akizuki sensei plans to study abroad. Mika now tries many things to keep him stay.

Akizuki is a man with a strong memory. Due to childhood trauma, he barely able to forget bad memories. That’s why he choose music to flow his pain away. Learning that, Mika is finally able to let him go….


This is more like Shimotsuki sensei’s work. She has unique drawing and romance suits her. Download this manga at Stiletto Heels Scanlation.


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Uta no Prince-sama

In Saotome Academy, you’ll learn everything to be part of showbiz. Everybody try hard to become idol. The best talented one would be promoted to S class where your chance to get contract higher than the other class.

Only those who complete the year having developed their natural talents well will finally gain entry to the shining agency. And only one pair will be able to debut straight away. A pair? Instead of developing singers, this school also giving training for lyricist. They are a perfect pair to enter entertainment world.

In her class, Harukawa Nanami is the only one aiming to be song lyricist. The other three boys are all aspiring to be idol. They are energetic Ittoki Otoya, sweet Shinomiya Natsuki and cool Hijirikawa Masato.

Nah, they have to decide the pair now. Their homeroom teacher, Ringgo chan, brings the red strings of fate. It’s pairs of string tied in a bow so that none knows each end. Those who want to be singers and lyricists would take each end. The person at the other end will be the partner.

Unbelievably, Nanami’s string attached to those three. So, the school decides that from now on, Nanami will the songwriter for the three boys. Looks troublesome ha! Moreover, she can’t fall in love with the idols she paired with. Ahhh…that’s suck!

The art is clean and neat. It’s also beautiful, as you can expect from a good shojo mangaka. But, I don’t really like too nice character. It’s like she’s coming from different world. How can someone aiming to be in showbiz world become so naïve? Hmmmm arienai!! Zen zen arienai!

Find this manga at i eat manga (chp 1, chp 2, chp 3)

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Kin-Iro no Cordo

i58043Hino Kahoko is just an ordinary high school student until she meets Lily, the music fairy. Her life’s changing now. She’s forced to join the music competition at school. There are other 5 competitors, but they’re all coming from music major. Kahoko is depressed. Lily gives her a magical violin so that she can participate.

Music is a universal language to distribute happiness. So, anyone is supposed to be able to play music unless he/she’s not happy. There’s no other way for Kahoko but fight with her best!

Funny, I heard about the anime long time ago before I finally see this tankoubon. It seems like La Corda d’Oro comes from popular musical game. The anime was quite amusing, as well. As you can expect from a musical show, the soundtracks are amazing.

Yuki Kure sensei draws soft pictures. However, I-sometimes- find it’s hard to distinguish the sex of the characters. Girl may look masculine and boy could be so feminine. I think she fails to bring out the basic character of human. I mean, no matter how beautiful a boy is, he should come with masculine side so people can recognize his sexuality.
Well, the main characters are strong, so if we can move aside the supporting characters (which has ambiguity in sex, like Yunoki), everything’s perfect!

Download is available at Kaito Zero or Alice Dream

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Detroit Metal City

Detroit Metal City v01c01p000aNegishi Souichi, 23 yr, has no idea how he trapped in death metal band, Detroit Metal City. He’s originally just a sweet boy from thr country who wants to play easy listening music, like the sweden band. But, he’s now notoriously knows as Krauser the 2nd, the vocalist who keeps increasing the band’s popularity.

Whenever he gets his make up, he turns into the son of a bitch to match the image. However, the truth that he’s just a virgin and love sweet things mixed up and create inner conflict inside him. So, what happen when he finally falling in love?

You can get this funny manga from scums-scans

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Dragon Voice

Perhaps, I should read this manga a long time ago. I didn’t like feminine boy character like this. It seems sissy. Ha ha ha

But, this manga came out at the good time. 2001 was the golden year of boy band. It was the great moment when you can see 5ive, Backstreet Boys and N’Sync from the west. That’s awesome for the country that prefers instrumental/voice skill more than just look. Well, isn’t that a boy band to us? Looks. He he


What about in Japan? I guess we can recall SMAP and Kinki Kids. I wasn’t Japanese boy band’s fan at that time. You know the reason: Yamapi was still a junior.lol. But, now I watch NewS, Arashi and Kat tun. And my favorite boy band is Kanjani 8 because they always make me laugh. What a great entertainer!



Anyway, the manga tells about Rin Amami, a 15 years old cute boy (bisshie) who dream of becoming a professional singer. He was born from a great singer mother.

Rin almost loses hope because his voice is so terrible that make people angry. But, when he meets the new idol group, Beatmen, Rin feels like his passion asking him to reach higher.

Beatmen’s agency director seems attracted to Rin’s unique voice. He tells him that voice like that is called Dragon Voice.

What’s the dragon voice and can Rin reach his dream?


My Rating: chick419

PS:If you’re wondering what kind of song does beatmen choose for their debut, you can download “STATE OF SHOCK” here

Kakkoi…I wish someone make this manga into a dorama and the one who play Rin should be……Jin???? he he he…