Ibara no Majutsushi

Ena is back to Sairung after deserted for 7 years. Nothing changed in this village.

The people still have prejudice toward medicine that they take medication as the work of evil. That’s why so many people left died without getting proper medical help.

Ena wants to change that. He approachers his old friend, Asagi, but the guy only has grudge to the landlord for letting his sister died 7 years ago. Alone, but Ena doesn’t give up that easily.


It’s about dream, strong willed and friendship. Allow me to point out the last one. Friendship is not always about the same idea, but understanding each other’s motives. It’s hard since we tend to see things in our own perspective.



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K Clan is well known for their medical ability. For generations, they succeed bringing out the best medical service. One of the famous doctors from this family was called dr.K. One day he was accused for doing malpractice. He disappeared after that incident. Then, Kei, his sister, notifies that he’s already dead.

But, there is a mysterious doctor in an isolated village that has the same talent as the prodigy doctor.  Kenta Tominaga, a young doctor assigned in that village, witnesses the true power of K clan’s surgery ability. The guy calls himself K. However, he doesn’t have practice license, so he stays in shadow and only treats people in the village. What a waste actually, because there are many bigger cases that need his care outside the area. Kei encourages K to work in the city. The world is about to see the skill of dr.K’s new generation.

Unlike many other medical story, this one focuses on K’s mystery more that his ability of doing surgery. Doki doki desu nee?

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Saijo no Meii

Ever since Saijo Mikoto saw a video of his operation while he was just born, he dreams of becoming a great surgeon. He adores the doctor so much so he wants to surpass his skill. Mikoto becomes addicted to medical studies. He was able to stich his right hand at the age of 10, even though he’s a right handed. Dr.Shindo, the man he admires, believes that he has more knowledge than average doctors.
10 years after that, Mikoto has finished his study in US and gets American’s MSA Award (most skilled amateur doctor award). and now, the prodigy kid is coming to Japan..saijou

This is another manga about medical life. You might not going to be so surprise, after reading God Hand Teru, Dr. Koto or Iryu (Team Medical Dragon), but this one is fine too. There’s much humor inside and the art is beautifully strong.
You can download this manga from snoopycool

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Team Medical Dragon

Ryutaro Asada is a genius surgeon. Unlike his other colleagues who strife for better position, Asada sensei doesn’t care about rules. What’s important to him is the patient’s health. This delinquent attitude is hated by medical society. He’s isolated!

To improve his skills, he decided to join UN force as medical back up. Kato Akira Sensei saw his performance and amazed! She decides to invite him helping her thesis back in Japan. Asada is unemployed thanks to his reputation, so this is a good offer. They’re trying to perform Batista surgery, the most sophisticated heart’s surgery. But, first he needs a great team, team Medical Dragon!

I didn’t know they had this manga when I saw Teppei playing Ijuiin, a young doctor in Team Medical Dragon dorama (He was awarded as best supporting actor for thatone). I thought, O GOD, the doctor is HOT!. He he he…

Anyway, the manga is kinda like God Hand Teru. So if you like medical story, this is something you can put on your reading list.

You can download this manga from nexgear

This manga is worth

Wild Life

Tessho must be the most lucky person in the world. He doesn’t look like a doctor at all! He’s more look luka a hip hop boy. But, he pass the national exam and graduated as a vet.

Tessho has special ability: perfect pitch. It means he can hear voice beyond normal human’s auditory. With this, he wants to save many animals!

After graduated, Tessho finally gets to work to R.E.D. Though they said that this hospital is the greatest among all, it looks so shabby. However, Tessho soon to learn the high ability of those vet in R.E.D. Tessho may be idiot, but he has spirit to solve every case.

It’s a very funny and full of animal manga! It’s still ongoing in Japan and I’m still buying the original manga.

www.boku-tachi.net has released the scanlation. You can also check crazy manga for alternative.

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It’s very dark manga in many ways. It’s not bloody but somehow…scary.

The story is about Susumo Nakoshi, a man who let a medical student to make a hole in his brain. After that he starts seeing metaphors of people’s personality. Take a high school girl whose afraid of what other’s think and always do what her parents want her to. In his eye, she’s a sand who looks like human. The form of sand changes as she responds to outer world.

Yup, you have to have a brain to analyze it. It’s not something you can laugh about.

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