” the way to get away with crime you commit,100% of the time, is to simply “accidentalize” it in the name of the police”

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Usotsuki Paradox

| Published: 2009
| Mangaka: Sato Nanki | Kizuki Akira
| Status: complete (10 volumes)

Seiyuu has a long distance relationship, but keeping a close touch with her colleagues, Youkado. She invites him to take a walk, shopping and watching movies. Youkado can’t help but falling for her. Lonely Seiyuu agrees to date him with one condition: no sex! Continue reading “Usotsuki Paradox”

Shitsuren Chocolatier

| English title: Heartbroken Chocolatier
| Mangaka: Mizushiro Setona
| Released: 2008
| Length: 5 volumes (ongoing)
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Souta has been falling in love to his senior, Saeko, since high school. She is always out of his reach, but Souta never gives up easily. When his valentine chocolate is rejected by Saeko, Souta really hurt. He, then, decides to fly to Paris and learns how to make Bonheur’s chocolate, Saeko’s favorite.  Continue reading “Shitsuren Chocolatier”

Classmates, Kamimura Yuuka ha Kou Itta

| Mangaka: Sakurai Tsutsushi
| Release: 2011
| Status: complete (6 volumes)

Shirasaki Shuushi is so boring with his peaceful life. And the one who bring the change is his weird classmate, Kamimura Yuuka. She’s so strange that none would talk to her. But, for Shirasaki, she’s like a burst of energy pulling off his boredom. In top of his curiousity, Kamimura feeds him with the idea that the world he’s been living in is an artificial world and that she can change the world the way she wants to. Of course, Shirasaki doesn’t bite that. However, he starts experiencing fantastic dreams and his classmates turns into robotic. Continue reading “Classmates, Kamimura Yuuka ha Kou Itta”


In the world of talent, those with lame attitude will just get rid by. Not to mention in manga world, where people always hunger of imagination and innovations.


Though Inamine has strive his best to be a good mangaka, he still lacks of the quality. He can’t make appropriate scenes. Sometimes it cross to his mind to try having sex with his editor hoping that he could transfer the experience into drawing.

Will this thing work? Can Inamine get the attention he dreamt of?

Ah, people must try many things to reach the dream. Desperately, ones can push away all normalities and struggle from the corner of his world. I think it’s important to remember that the only one that limit our choices is ourselves.



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