Mayuge no Kakudo wa 45°

| English Title: 45 degree eyebrows
| Mangaka: Shiina Karuho & Kawahara Kazune
| Volume: oneshot
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Kyou Dake no Unreal

this story is additional story in Halfway tankoubon. I always like story about friendship, remains me all those precious and wasted relations I have. 🙂


Hazuki and Erika are friends. But, one day, Hazuki sees Erika walking with her boyfriend. Burnt in jealousy, Hazuki tampered Erika and breaks their relationship.

But, the next day, she receives phone call saying that Erika died. What?

Nah, regret always came late. She starts feeling guilty and rethinking of that horrible things she said to her.

Surprisingly, she meets Erika on the street. What? Now, Hazuki is in confusion. Erika looks pretty healthy for her. They even hang out together.

If only Hazuki listened to her long time ago, she might saw her in different light. For Erika, Hazuki is a valuable friend that had been rescuing her from miserable days of her life.

Would she took her boyfriend? pretty irrational to me.




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Dance until tomorrow

The story is about a man named Suekichi who found a sexy woman lying on his bed in the morning. He thought she’s part of the inheritance he received from his grandpa. The old man left him 450 million yen worth of stamps. Unfortunately, there’s a condition to fulfilled before getting the money. well, the grandpa had quite unique personality.

At the same time, this young man is really need money. The girl drives him mad to pursue the money. So, who’s that girl? How does she turn Suekichi’s life upside down?


Not a very beautiful drawing and its definitely not for kids. But, I keep on reading it. It’s a 7 volume length story.


I pick this up from bakabt. This is a project by mangareactor . You can also try bakabt (torrent)


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Fairy Tail Special: Pajama Party

This time, Lucy finds a specific job for woman only. The request is to search an object, however there’s no reward for the work. It’s very weird, right? Mira asks Lucy to check out the client. It leads Lucy to Fairy Hills, the wizard’s female dormitory.
The request is sent by Hilda, the dorm matron. She asks Lucy to find a shining treasure within the dorm. But, before that, she insists that Lucy change her clothe into cat costume. lol. Well, can she complete the task?
It’s nice to have the fairy girls in one chapter along. Forget those boys and just stick with this sexiness. You’ll love it.
Hey, what am I talking here. I sound like an old man. lol.
Anyway, I like this story. I love Erza more and more. She always try to be mature and yet somebody notices how much she needs attention. It’s so beautiful. I believe only certain person appears to understand us, right?
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Spicy Pink

What happen if a mangaka fell in love? Would it be as cute as the manga she drew?

Sakura is not a competent mangaka comparing with her best friend Kamijou Misono. She can’t draw fast so she’s always losing breath whenever the deadline hit. Misono is beautiful and energetic. She’s also popular. However, when it comes to men, she’s very stingy. She sets high standard on the guy she dated. Most of them can’t keep up with her expensive taste. That’s why Misono loves gokon. And she always persuades Sakura to join the party.

That’s where Sakura meets Koreeda Iku for the first time. 30 years old, handsome and a plastic surgeon. They barely talk during the session, but when the meeting ends, he tells Sakura that she needs he face fixed. What? Sakura is so mad, but he caught her attention.

On  top of everything, Iku dares to ask her out. After all the offending words? What’s wrong with this guy? must be a cute story if only I had time reading it. Isn’t it interesting to read a mangaka’s mind? So, why wait? The piece is available at

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$100 is too cheap

A bounty hunter comes to see Suna. He’s a 17 yr old mystery solver and bartender. The client says that there are too many bounty hunter in her town and the sherrif is gonna pick another new sherrif. Well, she aims for that. However, that’s not the mystery she wants to consult. She saw a bounty poster of a small criminal named Blue Cheese. What’s interested in the information is the price. It’s minus $100. It means that if a bounty hunter captured him, he/she would have to pay $100. Is there anyone who would do something that stupid? But, this client is so curious.

Is it only commercial? Or warning? Or even…..

It’s a simple good story. I like the idea behind it. It’s very original and psychological. However, the art is fall behind. It’s not interesting.

Please visit peebs to download this manga.

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