| Release: 2010
| Mangaka: Adachi Toka
| Status: Ongoing

Yato is a minor god who dreamt of having a lot followers. In reality, he walks in jersey, doesn’t even have shrine and his shinki is having enough of him. What is a god without his shinki? He’ll be totally useless. Continue reading “Noragami”



The ancestor of a certain house killed Mikeyama’s ancestor. Now that she’s become bakeneko, she intends to haunt the guy in that house. But, that man is such a cutie. Instead of wanting to get revenge, Mikeyama just comes to see him. Well, she’s a cat monster. There’s no way he’d be pleased. Day by day, he becomes weaker, until the time he calls Sebastian the exorcist. Whuaaaa!!

The art looks like a draft to me. Thank God it’s only 26 pages long. Even so, the idea is quite funny. The ending is amusing too. It’d be more awesome if Mikeyama gets together with Sebastian. But, no, I’m not asking for the continuation. lol.



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Coin Laundry Onna

| Mangaka: Kiyohara Hiro
| Release: 2005
| Status: complete (1 volume)

In a gloomy laundry mat, there’s a weird woman staying all day. She’d be sleeping inside the dryer or messing the customer’s underwear. Sometimes, she would just tell horror story to anyone who visit the shop. And by the way she climbs from inside the machine, she freaks people. Continue reading “Coin Laundry Onna”


| Mangaka: Ayatsuji Yukito & Kiyohara Hiro (illustration)
| Release: 2010-2012
| Status: complete (5 volume)
| Related post: Another (anime), Another (live action)

26 years ago, a special student died. But, the whole class refused to accept it so they pretend that the student was still alive. That’s the beginning of the whole horror. The class begins to carry special curse that everyone related will be dead. Unless they managed to find “dead” and sent it back to death, the serial death will continue. Continue reading “ANOTHER”

Blood Soul

Redlord Bradnias are real vampires. Along with his bodyguard Ashley Wolfgang Lihita, Red had been hunted by church for all their lives, they’re happily fight those hypocrites.

One day, when they make bloody contacts with The Church of Van Helsing, they encounter a courier girl who deliver a package for them. The girl, Haruka, ends becoming the connection between Red and his devoted ally, The Crimson Ether. It’s surely dangerous for her since the Van Helsing campire slayers are sniffing Red’s every move.

Red becomes more enthusiastic to find out that Azure is still alive. Who is Azure? What grudge does Red has towards him?


I feel like reading Nurarihyon no Mago when Red turns older as he covered by blood. Sounds similar? Well, at least the art is quite cool makes me wanna read it more and more.


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Natsume Yuujincho

People are normally given family. We’re born with the fact that blood related to other people. Those people are treasured, beloved ones we would protect.

For Natsume, being loved alone is hard. He’s ability to see spirits, that’s why people discriminate him. They think he’s hungry of affection that he made up things like that. As his parents passed away when he was young, he practically alone.

But, his foster parents, The Fujiwara, are so kind to him. Natsume tries hard to conceal his ability just to keep this peaceful life going on. It’s almost impossible as Narume learns the existence of “Book of Names” that belonged to his grandmother. Long long time ago, that grandma, Reiko, beaten spirit and hold their names as well as their loyalty. Now as she’s gone, those spirits come to take their names back.

Natsume, who always hate spirit who drifted him away from human’s socialization, comes to understand the feeling spirits too.

Despite of horrible drawing, which looks like doodling to me, this manga is so loveable. Yes, it’s kinda dark and I don’t think normal 15 years old boy should think this hard. But, Natsume has gone a lot and suffered too much that his sense of normality may beyond our scale.

“Even spirits have feeling”, probably it’s the best phrase to understand this story. You won’t comprehend if you’re not close enough to see or hear or feel. You can not get the meaning if you’re not willing to open your heart.

hmm, kinda heavy? Well, that’s a life for Natsume.


Ashitaka X Taiyo

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