1924, Sauvile

Kujo Kazuya came to Marguriete Academy as foreign student. It’s a preatigious school where aristocrat decendats gathered from all over Europe. But, Kujo is only the 3rd son of imperial soldier in Japan, he hardly find a companion *Now, you talk about differencess*

Lonely but strong willed, Kujo decides to be independent. But, having no friend is a misery. Take today as example. Kujo was just going out for shopping when he encounter a dead body with its head cut.

Ok, he faints.

What else can you expect? Seeing a dead body is shocking enough, but he also sees the head separated from the body.

Kujo wakes up because of the noise his teacher made. Cecile sensei is the yankumi-kind of teacher. She’s quite histerical and it turns worse as Inspector Grevil de Blois shows in front of the infirmary door.

And you’d think he’s super confident, ha? With the hair like a drill, Grevil accuses Kujo as the murderer. Yup, we can assume that this police man is quite an idiot. He event has no warrant to catch Kujo. But, Grevil promised to stop by the next day.

Now, Kujo must proof his innocence. It may just a quick incindent when Ms. Cecile asks him to deliver worksheets from morning classes to a poor student who was absent. It’s said that she spends her day in the library.

Rumors have said many ugly things, but the creature Kujo faces is a beautiful girl who looks like a doll. Her name is Victorica.

Though she speaks in arrogancy, she’s well informed and have brilliant logics.

Can she helps Kujo clearing his name?

The manga seems so fast, compared with the anime. Yup, I finished watching the anime a while ago and I love it.

Friendship happens not only because you have something in common, but also when you have different qualities. 

Both Kujo and Victorica are lonely, yet they’re different in mental. Kujo is the kind who wants to proof himself but he’s just not that smart. Victorica, on the other hand, gave many things because she’s afraid of her own future’s prediction. Kujo walks with heart, while Victorica depends on her logic. They match each other.



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Sonezaki Shinjuu

Hatsu is a popular geisha in Osakka Shinimagawa Shinichi. Tokube comes to see her every day. They’re childhood friend, though. It was 10 years ago, when Tokube found hungry Hatsu playing by herself. She lived with her sick father, who then sold her to brothel. Poverty, that’s why!

However, their feelings are true.  Hatsu always wanted to be Tokube’s bride. But, he doesn’t have enough money to buy her.

I think it’s a sweet story. The art is clean and beautiful. I believe it’s the same author who wrote Hatsukoi Limited.

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Edokko Edokkou

Edward Adams is a student of Professor Newton. He came to Japan in order to learn the way to be Ninja. It was the beginning of Yoshimune Tokugawa’s era. He is privileged for being descendant of William Adams (Anjin Miura) who used to be close with the 1rst Tokugawa shogun.

At that time, weird phenomenon’s were always claimed to be the work of ghost or God. Like the case of Plate Ghost where people spreads rumors that a servant was killed and threw away into a well. She was punished for breaking her master plates. Edward (people call him Edo because it’s hard for Japanese to pronounce his name) is curious to know the real fact. He meets Isuke san that guards the well. The old man was actually an undercover ninja. He actually tries to save a servant from being harrased by the well’s master. He put that girl inside the well. When he tried getting her out, somebody saw them and thought it was a ghost. That’s how the gossip started. Listening to his story, Edo feels like he has to help both the girl and the old ninja. Together with the South Edo Judge Officer,  Echizen Ooka, Edo pull tricks and relocate them to saver place.

Well, there are many other cases he stick his nose into, you might want to read it yourself!

It’s a nice story. I really think I should buy the tankoubon!

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Jouou no Hana

Flower of Queen is the name of powerful healing plant. It only blooms once in a hundred years. When you make a wish upon it, all your dream would come true. Princess Aki and her slave, Hakusei, have been searching for it. They wanna use it to cure Queen Kouhi, Aki’s sick mother.  When they escape from the castle to search, they meet a mysterious merchant named Seitetsu. He teaches them many things, from reading to horse riding. He even give them “tan” (medicine). However, that couldn’t help much.

6 years later, Queen Dohi, Aki’s stepmother, puts poison in her soup. To save her daughter, Kouhi drinks it and she dies. Seems never enough; Aki’s father throws her back to her mother’s hometown, Akoku. She’s a tough girl and now she has another vision: taking revenge!

It’s about love, it’s about friendship and it’s about being an independent girl! Don’t you like it?

The series ended at third volume. But, I just found the raw from lazy_catmoon. Another link can be found here (raw)

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Toki no Shoushitsu Ukeoinin

Kelly Abberline comes to Cornish Rex to ask him erase the case of Jack The Ripper. At that moment, Kelly’s great grandfather, Inspector Abberline, failed to catch the criminal. According to her, the entire Abberline family has been cursed. They’re all dead at 44 on November 9th in tragic ways. Rex doesn’t really care until the agent, Barney, tells him that this case might have something to do with Abalon item. It’s an item to control time. It’s very useful for a time eliminator like Rex.

Rex has to get back to the year 1888. Using an ancient spell, he opens the golden gate of time. He traces all Jack the Ripper’s killing and each time he succeed saving victim, the time record changed. Airedale, Rex’s assistant, works as gps to show him murdering scenes while Rex hunting that psychopath.

However, the Abalon item Jack the Ripper used turns to be fake and Kelly disappear. As Rex fix the history, some people are not born, including Kelly. Aaah, this cause him another financial problem…lol

The art is pretty cute and though the theme is old, I love reading it. I like time traveling and detective things in one piece. Yeah, I gotta read it more!

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Black Lagoon

Rokuro’s life is changing when he’s assigned to bring the secret disc from his company. He was hijacked on his way by a group named Black Lagoon. It’s a pirate group consists of Dutch, the Vietnam war veteran; Benny, the computer pirate; and Refy, a psychopath gun man (ehm gun woman).

Rokuro finds out his real value when the company decides to abandon him to the hand of those pirates. It sucks, but life must go on. Rokuro, then, joins the group and enter the world he never knew before.

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