Gyakusou Shoujo

{You are a special but mostly a troublesome existence}

Mukougo Toko just realized it that she always wake up in August 31st. Things has gone round and round to that date. She’s confuse, but then she suddenly dragged back to the past where she finds herself younger. Then, a strange man kidnapped and killed her.

When she wakes up the next morning, she forces herself to think it was just a dream. However, she ends up leaping time to time just to meet this strange person. Who is this guy? Why does he want to erase her? How does she do this time travel thing?

First I thought it’s just a silly girl story but it becomes more and more complicated as the chapter changes. It involves deja vu, exchange personality and parallel world. Wow!




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Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer

When Amamiya Yuuhi wakes up, a lizard waiting in front of his very eyes. He claims to be the knight, Sir Noi Crezant. How does a normal person react for this? Well, he throws that creature right away. But, no matter how he tries, the speaking lizard always comes back into his room. Yuuhi thinks he’s having hallucination since none else can see the lizard.

Well, well…that devil is quite persistent, though. Sir Noi Crezant shows him how to use power with his ring. The ring enables Yuuhi to use telekinetic power. But, it doesn’t mean he wants to go along with the lizard mission. Sir Noi Crezant asks Yuuhi to help him rescuing the princess and then, fight the enemy. Ha ha ha, like Yuuhi would do something so troublesome like that. It would be great if the earth just fall down and he stands watching from the sideline. Hmm..the world is in trouble and its fate lies in a hand of lazy perverted student??????????

I don’t like lizard, because they’re not cute. In fact, they’re pretty scary. The idea is common, but the art is so dull. I’m not amused. When you try to mix fantasies into real life story try making it interesting, please. Too bad, I already download the first volume from snoopycool.

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Toki no Shoushitsu Ukeoinin

Kelly Abberline comes to Cornish Rex to ask him erase the case of Jack The Ripper. At that moment, Kelly’s great grandfather, Inspector Abberline, failed to catch the criminal. According to her, the entire Abberline family has been cursed. They’re all dead at 44 on November 9th in tragic ways. Rex doesn’t really care until the agent, Barney, tells him that this case might have something to do with Abalon item. It’s an item to control time. It’s very useful for a time eliminator like Rex.

Rex has to get back to the year 1888. Using an ancient spell, he opens the golden gate of time. He traces all Jack the Ripper’s killing and each time he succeed saving victim, the time record changed. Airedale, Rex’s assistant, works as gps to show him murdering scenes while Rex hunting that psychopath.

However, the Abalon item Jack the Ripper used turns to be fake and Kelly disappear. As Rex fix the history, some people are not born, including Kelly. Aaah, this cause him another financial problem…lol

The art is pretty cute and though the theme is old, I love reading it. I like time traveling and detective things in one piece. Yeah, I gotta read it more!

Please visit otakami to download the latest chapter!

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Seigi Keikan Monju

monjuMonju is a sophisticated robot who used to be assigned in Tokyo. After the second generation of his type released, Monju is transferred to a small town. It makes him depressed, because he used to be an elite cop. He has no idea what to do here. The citizens are afraid of his look, kids bullying him and his partner is total jerk. Even so, that playboy partner, Junpei Yamagishi, tries many things to help Monju get along with the citizens. He lets Monju play the hero part rescuing those bullying boys and accompanying the elders on Tokyo trip. Monju’s presence is gradually accepted.

Everybody needs to feel that they’re useful. If not, they’d be depressed. I think I understand what Monju feel. I mean, all those tactical weapon of him could not be used in small town, right? He’s getting rotten. Ha ha ha
Despite of the robot typical theme, this manga is very human. You’ll love it!


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Shikkoku no Hana

Shikkoku no hanaKirihara Misaki, the prodigy detective, has to deal with another victim of “the contractor”. It’s new species which derived from human being. It lose emotions and gained special power. Some can’t control the power, we call them “moratoria” and others lose completely in the power, “Dolls”. When they fight each other, normal human may have ultimate effect.
Kirisaki found that the stronger contractor, BK-201 is somehow connected with this case. He’s known as The Dark Reaper. What is he doing here in Tokyo? Can Kirisaki reveals the mystery behind?

Well, it’s kinda creepy, but not as creepy as Gantz, Abara or Domu. You might find it interesting.
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My Rating: chick327

7 Seed


It was just last night when Natsu Iwashimizu had a wonderful dinner with her family. Everything was so right, but now she wakes up in middle of nowhere. Water are all around and there are three other people fighting the waves. She has to hang up to the small boat that takes them agains the sea to a weird island. Along with Natsu, there are Semimaru Asai, 18 years; Arashi Aota, 17 years; and Botan Saotome. They’re trapped in the island government use for evolutionary research. And they’re not the first ones. There are others who had been trying to survive. Most of them are skeletons now.

The latest chapter has been released by storm in heaven

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