Ban Shogo is an arogant college student whom sent to Trattoria, Tokyo, to help. That place is one of the famous Italian restaurant in the city. Ban is confident that he can satisfy the chef with his skill. But, that’s not the way the story goes. Those chef’s skills are amazing. They act quickly and they serve better food Ban could never imagine before.

Instead of being a helper, he ends up being a nuisance. However, Ban soon realizes that he has to change his attitude. One’s success depend of his attitude, right? He starts to learn many things here.

I watched the dorama long before I know that it came from a manga. This is not about food, it’s only about self centered Ban. The drawing is quite dark and harsh. There are so many shading that resemble murder scenes (ha ha I love murderous story). It would be better to watch the dorama than reading the manga. Furthermore, it’s Matsujun who played the main character. I’m not a fan of him, but he’s quite cute (at that moment).

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i26473Toya loves her mother’s ramen. But, since she’s hospitalized, he can not enjoy it. The matsuri is coming and they’re supposed to have fun together. It makes him sad. When he walks along the matsuri road, he meets a young lazy man with a ramen booth. He cooks badly.

Toya helps him with this. Yeah, since his mother’s away, he’s been responsibled in cooking at home. Knowing his skills, Toya is persuaded to get into this ramen business. However, his partner, that good-for-nothing Makimura Narumi spends all their profit for sake. Uuh…that pisses Toya off. How can an adult be so irresponsible?
Toya’s ramen would have to go far to find it’s unique special taste while at the same time educating Narumi to the life of adult.

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Addicted to Curry

addicted to curry

After Cooking Master Boy and Yakitate Japan, Addicted to curry gives you the plot full of delicious food.

Curry is originally comes from India. But, it is one of the most common food in Japan. There are so many mangas talking about food lately.

Dreaming of making delicious curry, Makito and Sonezaki promised to work together in Japan by opening a curry shop. But, when Makito finally find Sonezaki’s shop, it’s almost too late. The pressure is too high to keep the business on. Makito and Yui, Sonezaki’s daughter, are giving their best effort to pull this up!

I must warn you, the food drew in this manga looks very delicious that makes you hungry. And there are also some recipes of great curries.


You can read it online in mangafox

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Yakitate Japan

Azuma Kazuma was born from farmer family. His grandfather loves rice. But, one day, his sister, Inaho said, ” How come we never have bread for breakfast?”. Her grandfather looks at her like she’s crazy, “We’re a farmer, so we eat rice”

But, Inaho didn’t take it that easy. She took Kazuma to a bread store. He started to get exiting seeing all the bread with various shape. They made a plan to convince their grandfather. If he really like rice and japanese food, then they have to came out with some kind of bread that get along with japanese food, like natto. They called it Japan. It derives from Japanese Pan. Pan means bread.

They made it, and ever since that moment, it’s been 10 years they’d bread for breakfast. Kazuma is 16 now and getting ready to go to Tokyo. He has been invited to participate in artisans recruitment from the famous bakery in Japan.

His skills are limited in 62 Japan he created, so will he be able to compete with many great artist?

Enjoy this 26 volumes of funny and delicious manga in manga heaven

PS: They already make the anime version with 65 episodes.

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