Amaama to Inazuma

| English: Sweetness and Lightning
| Release: 2013
| Status: 4 volumes (ongoing)
| Mangaka : Amagakure Gido

It’s been 6 months since Inuzuka sensei’s wife passed away. He’s trying his best to be the greatest father for the only daughter, Tsumugi. But, managing house while trying to be both father and mother is not a job for a man. He barely have time to sit on the same table with her for dinner. No offense, man is not created for multitasking.

Sweetness and Lightning

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Wonderful Cafe ni Youkoso

| Released: 2009
| Volume: 1 (oneshot)
| Mangaka: Takagi Shigeyoshi

16 years old Miyachi Suzune is left by her parents. Without place to go home, Suzu decides to resides in a park when she found a cute little puppy. Soon after that a hot guy come picking the dog. She’s also taken to the guy’s place, a dog cafe called “Smile” because he thinks she resembles a dog he liked. After learning her situation, the guy (which is actually the cafe owner, named Yuraohouda) lets her stay and works there. Continue reading “Wonderful Cafe ni Youkoso”

Umineko No Naku Koro ni

Ushiromiya family’s gathering turns into a tragedy. Battler Ushiromiya and his 10 other relatives spend the day at Rokkenjima. It’s been 6 years since they caught playing along. Things seem so different as they reached the island. First the shrine near harbor has disappeared, then no seagulls coming while they were supposed to fill the island with their sounds.

The head of Ushiromiya family, Kinzo, is one eccentric millionaire. After buying the island, he became obsessed with the Black Magic which became the famous urban legend in the area. He even tries to recall the notorious witch of Rokkenjima, Beatrice. Legend falls saying that on the stormy night, Lady Beatrice used to wander to find sacrifice. Kinzo uses the legend to set demonic battle involving slashing and killing to choose the one who will inherit all his fortune. The puzzle written under Beatrice’s painting is hillarious:

The nostalgic river of sweet fish that passes through my beloved hometown.

the ones that aim for the golden village, follow this and search for the key:

Going down the river, there is a village

search for the shore yhe two will tell you of

there, the key to the golden vollage sleeps

Ones who find the key,

should follow what’s written below

and travel to the golden village:

On the 1rst night, offer the 6 chosen by the key as sacrifice

on the 2nd night, the ones that remain will tear up the two who are close

on the 3rd night the ones that remain will praise my honorable name

on the 4th night, gouge the head and kill

on the 5th nigh, gouge the chest and kill

on the 6th night, gouge the stomach and kill

on the 7th night, gouge the knees and kill

on the 8th night, gouge the legs and kill

on the 9th night, the witch will revive and no one will survive

on the 10th night, the journey will be over

and you will have arrived at the village of gold.

Is this gold the same fortune Kinzo has been keeping out from his family eyes? Will somebody take the journey and revives the witch?

Uhh, this story’s art compositioning scares me from the beginning since there always expression like they’d been looking at dead people. It’s not cute at all and it starts the thriller too early. I think good story is the one who can flow you slowly from nice part to exciting scenes naturally and then pop into climax where you’re allowed to be scared, but here you’d get small heart attacks every 3 pages. Ahhh, it’s pretty tiring to read this.

This story is not for me. I’m so annoyed when I reached chapter 4. It’s probably for you the thriller lover?





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Arakawa Under The Bridge

Let me introduce you to Ichinomiya Kou. Raised to be elite, Kou sticks to the family motto: never be indebted to anyone! He’s the one who will inherit the Ichinomiya’s kingdom anyway, that’s why he must be a strong guy.

But, today is a special one. An incident has happened that cause Kou loses his trousers to the bridge. Ok, it’s not a big deal. He can just climb the bridge to reach the trousers. Kou can do it.

Nah, the problem is that someone’s watching from below. It’s a girl wearing jersey who seems like enjoying her  fishing time at the river. She offers him a hand, which of course, rejected by Kou. He never owe anyone ever and today would not be the beginning.

As Kou reaches his trouser, he loses control and slips to the river. The fact that the river is quite harsh doesn’t annoy him as much as somebody pulls him to the side of the river. It’s the fishing girl and he’s officially in debt to her.

Whuaaah! This should not happen. Kou offers many things to repay his debt, but this girl only ask one thing: show her what love is.

I think this is very interesting that someone who never even had real love all his love must teach somebody else about it. Aren’t you exciting how Kou can teach her?

This story is classified gag manga, so be prepare to see illogical and stupid things. Well, at least, it wouldn’t fail to make you smile.


Bakabt (torrent)

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Usagi Drop

Coming to his grandfather’s funeral this morning, Daikichi never expected that he’d coming home with a little girl named Rin. She’s became the dilemma in the family being the fact that she’s the illegitimate daughter of this late grandpa. He was 79, for God sake!

The family makes it ruckus since nobody knows Rin’s mother. She’s left with maternal record and that’s all. They become more reluctant when they see Rin couldn’t get along well. She barely talks and always swiped away from group gathering.

Hey, she’s just a six years old girl. What can you expect?

So, Daikichi decides to let her live with him. He’s a 30 years old single guy. Well, he doesn’t think much, just knowing how much pain Rin would have being left alone like this.

Fortunately, Rin grows a liking on this nephew of hers. She gradually puts her trust on him. And so, their new life begins. It’s a bitter sweet experience every day, involving sweat on the futon, daycare, home-made bento and bunny’s hair. lol
I looove this manga. Well, I started to know this story from the movie trailer. Kenmatsu is playing Daikichi and Ashida Mana is the cute little Rin. The movie looks great. I’m currently following the anime and it never fails to make me smile. Story about family always warm me. Kinda remind me of Hanamaru Youchien. lol

My Rating:


The series ends at 9th volume. You can try these scanlators to get the manga: