Nietzsche Sensei – Konibini ni Satori Sedai no Shinjin Ga Maiorita

| Release: 2013 | Status: ongoing (4 volumes so far) | Mangaka : Matsu Koma (author) & Hashimoto (artist) Niitomo Haru is the new part-timer in convenient store (konbini) where rounin Matsukoma has been working for a year. He’s young, but there’s something different about him. His way of thinking resembles the phillosopher’s Friederich Nietzsche, thus… Continue reading Nietzsche Sensei – Konibini ni Satori Sedai no Shinjin Ga Maiorita


1924, Sauvile Kujo Kazuya came to Marguriete Academy as foreign student. It's a preatigious school where aristocrat decendats gathered from all over Europe. But, Kujo is only the 3rd son of imperial soldier in Japan, he hardly find a companion *Now, you talk about differencess* Lonely but strong willed, Kujo decides to be independent. But,… Continue reading GOSICK

C-Blossom ~Case 729~

  Kana's life is changed as soon as her father secured by the police. He's accused of doing corruption.Her mother left her and she's sent to all-girls-dorm school. Even in new surrounding, Kana still feels uneasy. People talk about her. A guy stalks her behind school gate. Her life is totally ruined. As she wanted… Continue reading C-Blossom ~Case 729~

Toki no Shoushitsu Ukeoinin

Kelly Abberline comes to Cornish Rex to ask him erase the case of Jack The Ripper. At that moment, Kelly’s great grandfather, Inspector Abberline, failed to catch the criminal. According to her, the entire Abberline family has been cursed. They’re all dead at 44 on November 9th in tragic ways. Rex doesn’t really care until… Continue reading Toki no Shoushitsu Ukeoinin

Juunikyuu de tsukamaete

Hoshizawa Riri is currently well known for her ability as fortuneteller. She gets this talent from her mother who went missing years ago. While making her business, she also investigates weird things happen around. She’s using an alias, detective Spica! It’s the name her mother used to use while cracking cases. Today, a girl is found… Continue reading Juunikyuu de tsukamaete