Fairy Tail Side Story: Natsu & Asuka

| Release: 2014
| Mangaka: Mashima Hiro
| Status: oneshot

Natsu is left to babysit Asuka while her parents out for mission. Asuka charges him for duel. It’s a shame to see that Natsu can’t even win over a toddler. So, he ends up granting everything Asuka wants. The girl wants to buy something from pawn shop, therefore she needs money. Natsu and Lucy accompany her to pick simple and safe missions. Continue reading “Fairy Tail Side Story: Natsu & Asuka”


Black Bullet

| Release: 2012
| Mangaka: Kanzaki Shiden & Morino Hon
| Status: ongoing

In the year of 2021, mankind’s life is ruined by Alien creature, Gastrea. It comes in form of virus, which infected human through blood and turns the person into monstrous appearance, Gastrea.

Continue reading “Black Bullet”

QQ Sweeper

| Release: 2014
| Mangaka: Motomi Kyousuke
| Status: Ongoing

Horikita Kyutaro, who’s special ability is cleaning, found a girl sleeping in old school’s building. Her name is Nishioka Fumi, a homeless new transfer student. Fumi loves the place Kyutaro’s cleaned without knowing that it’s a special place. There she sees an old antique door and can’t help but trying to peek on… Continue reading “QQ Sweeper”

Fairy Tail~ Side Story: 413 Days

| Release: 2014
| Mangaka: Mashima Hiro
| Status: oneshot

Hello, this is another delusional day of Juvia. As you know she’s obsessed with Gray. She has Gray mercy all over her room and today she’s celebrating their 413th day anniversary. Taken Erza’s suggestion, Juvia makes him a scarf. But, she picks the bad time giving it to him. Gray is much more cold than usual. Gyaaaaaa Continue reading “Fairy Tail~ Side Story: 413 Days”

Shiroi Madou no Mukougawa

| Release: 1980
| Length: 2 volumes
| Mangaka: Hikawa Kyoko

Seiko and Yoshito have been friends since little that they can’t detect the changes in each of them. Yoshito turns into handsome popular guy among the girls. Though they always together, somethings just feel different for Seiko. When Taido senpai attract her, Seiko realizes her true feeling. Continue reading “Shiroi Madou no Mukougawa”