Taiyo no Mokunshiroku


“Behind those thick fog, the sun is shining, so we have to hold on”, that’s what Genichiro Ryu thought. He’s only a kid but yet has had great mental as leader. It was August 10th 2002, when Japan shocked by 8.8 Richter scale Earthquake. Mount Fuji seemed like it can’t hold on and ready to burst. Genichiro was alone in the mountain when things got worse. Lands are divided and Tsunami was waiting to blow everything. More and more people gave up and died. The Government almost lost hope and waited for America and China’s donation. Numbers of facilitate broken are countless. Amount of people missing are numerous.
In that hard time, Genichiro, still thought of doing deed to other. He saved a wounded dog, gave his food and helped people from drowning. Can this optimistic boy get through the storm and meet his family?

The manga is written based on real National disaster. It’s true that Japan lies between two continents that is easily break up. That’s why they build sophisticate houses which suppose to be able to hold earthquake. But, the fact is many buildings fell and the construction is not strong enough. The story of brave young boy here gets rewarded on 51rst Shogakukan Manga Award. I really like it, so it’s worthchick419




6 new kids would spend their days in second building,6th cell. They are young boys with various crimes. Their senior taught them the way to survive in barbarian jail, Shounan. It’s hard, but, their togetherness fruits friendship.

It happened in July 1956 when Japan lost in World War II. People starved to death, morality decreased into the lowest level. Among those hells, there’s one worse place, jail!

This manga is scanlated by manga sketchbook

My Rating: chick218

Pank Ponk

You may not be able to notice what kind of animal Pank is. Well, he’s not a PIG (like most people think). He’s just an overweight rabbit. Bonny found him on the street left in a box. After taking him home, soon it feels like she has another brother…a menace brother!

He’s as naughty as you can imagine. But, he can also be so sweet. All the family loves him. Pank has a home now.

Pank Ponk was released for 12 volume, however it’s not distributed to all over the world in whole package. Few countries only receive one or two volumes. Zannen deshou neee?!

This manga received the 1983 Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo manga.


Mangafire (Indo ver)

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Slam Dunk

The best manga voted by fans, Slam Dunk always get attention when it appear again and again on tv. I read the manga after I watch the anime. I love this stuff! It’s not only funny but also very much human.

The story starts when Hanamichi Sakuragi celebrates his 50 times getting rejected by girl. He’s big, has a red hair and kinda stupid.

But, after he meets Akagi Haruko, his spirit flares again. Haruko thinks he’s a basketball player while he really hates that sport (the last girl who rejected him said she was in love with a boy from basket ball team). Hanamichi tries to impress her. He even joins the team where Haruko’s big brother becomes the captain. There’s also Kaede Rukawa, a cute ace to whom Haruko had fell in love. Hanamichi finds his rivals.

But, together they put spirit into team. They even go to national championship.

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Fire Fighter Daigo

Daigo Asahina was a bad kid, until his biology teacher, Ochiai sensei touched and awakened his dream. When he was a little, he was saved by a fireman from burn house. Even since then, he had dream to be fire fighter himself.

Daigo has instinct in doing his work. Some people call him crazy for wanting to get near-death experience all the time.

But, why does none killed every time he’s doing his action? Is there something in his? Or it’s just luck?

The series lasts in volume 20. In 1997 Megumi no Daigo received the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen. And yet I can’t find any group taking this project. Gome ne

My Rating:

Though the drawing has so many scribbling, I can’t stop reading it. Though it’s not clear and neat, I always wanted to read the series. But, I LOST the final volume! Tch! Zannen desu.

Yotsuba To!

Yotsuba Koiwai(5 yrs) lives with her father in a small house. His father is a translator. He has a huge friend named Jumbo. Yotsuba likes drawing, playing in the rain and drinking milk. Having 3 girls as her neighbor, Yotsuba never feel lonely.

Getting Excellence Award for manga in 2006, Yotsuba is very much knowledgeable. If you have children and want to educate them in cool way, you might wanna peep this story. I’m rating this perfect:

Azuma Kiyohiko sensei also the one who make Azumanga daioh.

Group scanlating who work on this project is http://4chan.biz/eng/

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