The ancestor of a certain house killed Mikeyama’s ancestor. Now that she’s become bakeneko, she intends to haunt the guy in that house. But, that man is such a cutie. Instead of wanting to get revenge, Mikeyama just comes to see him. Well, she’s a cat monster. There’s no way he’d be pleased. Day by day, he becomes weaker, until the time he calls Sebastian the exorcist. Whuaaaa!!

The art looks like a draft to me. Thank God it’s only 26 pages long. Even so, the idea is quite funny. The ending is amusing too. It’d be more awesome if Mikeyama gets together with Sebastian. But, no, I’m not asking for the continuation. lol.



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Bloody Little Circus

Anna loves animal. She often takes home the little creature she met on the street. Noel, her companion, complains about her compassion. This is far away from vampire life style. But, instead of start feasting human, she’s more interested in capturing cute animal.

Once a circus stops by at that town. It’s a performance full of animal. Anna passionately coming to the show. She instantly falls in love with the main attraction, the Tiger. When she tries to take it home, the circus’s ring leader comes.Will he able to stop her?


It’s such a cute one-shot story. The character is so lively and though it doesn’t contain humor, it’s still make me smile.


Please visit bakabt.com to download this manga.

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Shippo de Happy

Rio wants a puppy, but when she get home, all she has is a six month mix breed dog named Junpei. Rio hates him, but Junpei tries hard to get along. Rio takes Junpei to Dr. Daichi’s clinic. She really admires that handsome veterinarian. Dr. Daichi asks her to take care a cute little Chihuahua named Kyuu chan. Kyuu chan misses his owner so much so he escapes. Junpei chases that little cutie that they slip into dirty river. Well, Junpei saves him, though. Seeing Junpei’s bravery, Rio is very touched. Their bond is about to get stronger. Not to mention Dr. Daichi’s little brother, Sora who looks cynical from the outside, but actually very gentle person.

Another dog story. It might look good on anime, just like Nyankoi. Lol

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Monga no Daichi

Since his father died, Yuuta and his mother move to her hometown. It’s very hard for him to transfer to urban from Tokyo. Yuuta’s afraid that he couldn’t blend with his new school. Not to mention the grand parents he never knew. Mom escaped from home with his father, since that they never come home.

However, Yuuta’s grandfather is an amazing veterinarian. Al though he’s a quiet person, he can cure many animals. Including this squeak Yuuta found in the forest. Gramp tells Yuuta what to do in order to save that baby. It’s his first friend! Monga, that’s what Yuuta named it, survives. And ever since that moment, he becomes the most important friend for Yuuta.

Cute animals and living in countryside! What else can you ask if you want to have healthy life? Well, it’s not easy for someone from the Capital to move in such quiet place. No malls, no convenience store…whuaaaaaaaaa can you imagine it?

Changing is never been easy. But, when you have someone who walk with you and share your burden, you’ll be ok.

The series ends at Volume 3. However, I haven’t found any scanlation available for download.

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One day,the cat allergic Junpei finds out that he can understand what cats are saying. It’s like a nightmare. He can’t stop sneezing around cat. But, he can’t get away. Even his family dears cat. They have a pet named Nyamsas.

It’s definitely a curse! He broke Cat-Jizo’s head yesterday. Thought nobody knows, it’s a big mistake. The priest says that he may get cursed if he screwed with that. Nyamsas and her friend, Tama, say that the curse would be lifted if Junpei sincerelly sorry for his actions. He needs to do 100 good deeds for cats, otherwise the Neko sama would turn him into cat. Ah, Junpei is scared. This way he would died on his own fur. Lol.

Well, I watched the anime long before I found this manga. And it’s a very cute story. I mean, I really love cats, though I’m allergic to them (just like Junpei). But, I won’t die holding them (I think he’s over reacting. Lol).

This is an imangascan project. You’ll like it!

Just wanna read it? Well, you can go to mangafox

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Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer

When Amamiya Yuuhi wakes up, a lizard waiting in front of his very eyes. He claims to be the knight, Sir Noi Crezant. How does a normal person react for this? Well, he throws that creature right away. But, no matter how he tries, the speaking lizard always comes back into his room. Yuuhi thinks he’s having hallucination since none else can see the lizard.

Well, well…that devil is quite persistent, though. Sir Noi Crezant shows him how to use power with his ring. The ring enables Yuuhi to use telekinetic power. But, it doesn’t mean he wants to go along with the lizard mission. Sir Noi Crezant asks Yuuhi to help him rescuing the princess and then, fight the enemy. Ha ha ha, like Yuuhi would do something so troublesome like that. It would be great if the earth just fall down and he stands watching from the sideline. Hmm..the world is in trouble and its fate lies in a hand of lazy perverted student??????????

I don’t like lizard, because they’re not cute. In fact, they’re pretty scary. The idea is common, but the art is so dull. I’m not amused. When you try to mix fantasies into real life story try making it interesting, please. Too bad, I already download the first volume from snoopycool.

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