Wangan is the name of a stretch of highway in Tokyo, Japan, that is infamous for street racing. Wangan means ‘Bay shore’. You’ll find this word in manga Wangan Midnight where the racers race their car at night. Known for it’s coastal route, Wangan has been the spot for several legendary racing icons have illegally street raced this strip of pavement. Wangan is also a lifestyle of street racing JDM vehicles. This inspired racing vehicles around the world to aim for Wangan Badge of honor. Having the badge implies that the vehicle is fast!

To be able to race in Wangan, one must have high-speed race, usually starts from a 60-70 mph to 200mph. People come from every part of the world to test their vehicles here, like V12 Supra, Porsche (Blackbird, the one Tetsuya Shima has in Wangan Midnight), Nissan Skyline GTR (Reina’s car in Wangan Midnight) and Nissan S30Z (Akio’s car in Wangan Midnight).

Some racer are bond in racing group. One of the most famous is the “Mid Night Club”, who had hosted illegal races on the Bayshore Route (known natively as the Wangan) of the Shuto Expressway between Tokyo to Yokohama. It’s being featured by many leading magazines in Japan and abroad. The club is notoriously known because of its dangerously high racing speed. Therefore, the club was regarded as one of the longest running street racing gangs.


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