Make them Listen

You know kids…they just like to do what they want to. When you said, ” Don’t run too fast”, they will run like hell. When you said, ” It’s time to bed”, they look at you angrily, ” But, I wanna watch that movie”. Ha ha That’s what I did. And they always remember things you said. Take my cousin as example. He asks his mother to buy him a toy. She said, ” Ok. We’ll find something for you.” But, when mums walk through the market, they forget easily (because they bought too many things). My cousin will say, ” You’re a liar. Liar goes to narrow grave” (Apparently he saw a religious drama that shows how bad people get punished by not able to get into the grave, because the grave is too small. And no matter what they do, the body just don’t fit).


Well, as an adult we are suppose to be much clever than kids. It doesn’t mean tricking or lying to them, cos it’s definitely uneducated. We can find positive answers and show appreciative behavior. Like one I read from Yotsuba to.

Yotsuba is very exited to go to her first obon. She run all the way. When they come closer to the spot, her father said, ” Don’t go too far, you might get lost”. But, she ignore it. Her father thinks this the best time to teach her to obey him. He hid behind a stand while looking at her. It took few minutes before Yotsuba realizes she’s alone. She start panic! And she cries.

When her father decided that’s enough to treat her, he show out and say, ” Well, what did I say before? If you walk to obon, you have to stick with adult, otherwise you’ll get lost”. Yotsuba nods and grab her father’s hand.

That’s quite a lesson right?


What do you think?

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