180px-Kalimantan2Kalimantan is the biggest island in the archipelago of Indonesia wit 743.330 km² in size. The area covered by forest and is widely known for plantation. That’s why there are so many cases of illegal lodging and forest firing.
However, there are 3 countries stand on the land: Indonesia, the largest area; Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. Indonesia covers the 73% territory of the island.
There are some species only live in Kalimantan such as
# Kalimantan Barat: Enggang Gading (Rhinoplax vigil)

# Kalimantan Tengah: Kuau Melayu (Polyplectron malacense)
# Kalimantan Selatan: Bekantan (Nasalis larvatus)
# Kalimantan Timur: Pesut Mahakam (Orcaella brevirostris)

The name of Kalimantan means borneo, which derived from Borneol tree (Dryobalanops camphora). It was the European who name it. The plant live in every inch of the island which consist (C10H17.OH) terpetin, the thing to make antiseptic or perfume. The name is also taken for the Brunei’s Kingdom as the greatest Kingdom on the island at that moment.

The Borneo island suffered from European colonialism during the 16th century to 20th century.They are forced to give in trading and down with monopoply.


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