Keep suppressing your alter ego!

So, I watched Arcana movie. After months drooling over Masa’s beautiful poster, I finally got it yesterday. It’s a low budget movie with lots of familiar face. The story revolves around a young detective, Murakami (Masa), who can see ghost since he was young. He never told anyone about it, because they’ll think he’s weird. But, if you take logical view, he’s a victim here. He never asked for such talent. It’s different than people who strive for power or immortality. Then, why people being mean to him?

Okay, so Detective Murakami catches a girl leaving alone with a fresh heart in her hand. Dead bodies are all over her, it’s like a big announcement saying “Hey, I did this!”, right?

However, the investigation doesn’t run smooth because this suspect claims to suffer from memory loss. Still, Murakami feels something different about her. When she says she can see ghost, he finally refreshed. It’s like finding the only person who understand you. The same feeling might be felt by hospitalized patients. They come to understand other patient’s pain.

Though psychology always forces psychologist to show empathy, I don’t think we can really understand people. You can’t fit yourself in someone else’s shoes, you can only trying and pretending to understand. It’s because we’re naturally selfish. We think of ourselves beyond anything.

Even so, when we meet people we want to understand, to protect, and to be close to, we turn to be compassion creature. Murakami’s partner doesn’t trust this girl and pushes her to take all the blame. When they finally realizes that she’s not real human, Murakami keeps believing that she’s living creature. He must not want to lose his only friend.

The fact that this girl is an alter ego can’t shake him. It seems like it’s not more amazing than seeing spirits everywhere.

Everyone has alter ego. This alter ego can separate from your body due to near death experience. It always has opposite personality. It walks like living human, but it’s not alive.Thus, the alter ego who wants to be the last one stand eat the main body’s heart. However, by doing so the alter ego will turns rampage.

To this point, the theory that crossed my mind was psychoanalysis. Freud or Jung never mentioned about alter ego in their writings, but their theory revealing the “other self” inside us. Remember Freud’s id-ego-super ego? This theory says that the personality appears in front (ego)is not always our real personality (id). We behave the way we are today because our id has made deal with super ego (moral). So, isn’t that there’s this part of our personality that never float to surface. Some remains inside our unconsciousness, some-when they can’t be controled- break out as personality disorder.

Jung also mentioned about Persona, the mask we use to present ourselves to the world. So, what’s behind this mask? Our real selves?

Personally, I believe that we are made of various traits, bad and good. Nobody is only nice and none is ultimately evil. As we adapt to our surroundings-family, school, job- our behaviors are shaped in meet to their demands. Thus, good girl, devoted mother or hard working husband come. But, they might be rebellious student, slutty housewife or cocky manager, right?

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